I sent the following email out to a few writers this morning as I’ve noticed and felt an increasing number of disturbances in the ether:
I’d like to invite each of you to hit me with 500 Words On Lawrenson. 500 words on that wretch who pollutes football with his aching disappointment and misery. No worries if you don’t fancy it.

I think it is time a line is drawn. Lawrenson needs stopping. Let’s get him before he gets us.
Ooah, Jonathan.
We’re uploading the responses in threes at half hour intervals. I sent this email at 11:43am. I had the first response at 12:59pm from Iain MacIntosh. Mike Nevin’s wasn’t long after. It’s fair to say people have a fair bit to get off their chest.
So without any further ado here is Iain MacIntosh’s 500 Words On Lawrenson: