ZANZIBAR; semi-autonomous. Saturday afternoon; clear skies, and senses, as a rich percussion plays. Door ajar, street light pours in and finds memories of student days. A bass kicks in. Rhythm is exchanged for smiles. Josh ensures our introduction as we’re encircled by the nervous energy of Kev. Welcome. Questions come my way. A common ground is searched; Kev’s energy and abruptness difficult to read, Josh is warming. Sound check orders, talent immediate. Gaz arrives with pace, the chemical balance between the wonderfully naïve vibe of the bass and the melancholic desire of drums. His vocal talent immediate. Three great, unique personalities combine to produce potential in abundance. Satisfaction with the sound check was theirs, the privilege was mine.

Why ‘The Verdict’?
Kev: It was Gaz’s idea and we haven’t been able to think of anything better. We all like it though and it means something different to everyone. It’s also a term we hear more and more of in the media.

Gaz: This is my verdict.

Where did it all start for you?
The VerdictGaz: Kev and I were in different bands and we were rehearsing in studios next to each other. We got chatting and it went from there really.

Kev: We found Josh at a party and asked him if he wanted to be a band. Stupidly he said yes so we gave him a bass and here we are as a three-piece. A three-piece and not a threesome, they’re very different things.

What’s your vision of the band in ten years?
Josh: The Brit Awards would be great! Oh, and then on to start my own record label.

Gaz: A single out soon is the first thing, get a vibe for the music and then look to produce an album. We’re not looking beyond that to be honest.

Kev: I’ll be dead by then, especially if we get some success.

What’s been the biggest high so far?
Gaz: Definitely winning ‘Rock The House’. The whole thing was an amazing experience and it’s hopefully given us a taste of things to come.

Josh: It was definitely a real confidence boost for us.

Kev: The whole thing was a real eye opener and an experience I won’t forget. Being in the spotlight and mixing with influential people in the music industry has made me want it all the more.

The VerdictWho’s in the crowd?
Kev: It’s a real mix now. It’s no longer just our mates but lots of new faces. We’ve got a great following already and it’s getting stronger with every gig. People are starting to talk about this band and there’s a buzz about it.

Gaz: We write the music that people want to hear and there’s uniqueness as well as honesty about it. That’s what appeals to people.

Josh: The song ‘Honest’ has quickly become a real favourite amongst our fans and that’s a song that appeals to a broad range of people.

Who/what are the influences on ‘The Verdict’?
Gaz: I listen to a lot of Bowie and Lennon but I don’t think that really comes through in the music. It’s more our personalities that influence what we do.

Kev: We all listen to different music but it’s what we do in our life that influences what we write and play. We take our experiences into rehearsals and the studio.

What’s the biggest temptation?
Josh: Girls. Definitely the girls.

Kev: There’s a real temptation to just get hammered all the time. Our after parties are pretty good. Gaz and I have been there and done all that so now the real temptation for us is to get lost in the music. There’s a determination here to produce really tight and well executed music; we’re not going to settle for anything less.
The Verdict
Do you have/need an ego?
Kev: Not at all. We know we’re good but that comes from the fact that we work incredibly hard on our music and we prepare well for our gigs. We respect anyone that makes music and we respect them because we know how difficult it can be. Bands don’t last if they don’t love what they do, we’re here to stay.

Is there a concept?
Gaz: If anything, it’s city life. It’s from the heart of three Liverpool lads living and working in the city they love. Like we said earlier, it’s what we take to the studio.

What’s the best thing about a Liverpool crowd?
Josh: It’s an immediate atmosphere right from the first song. They relate to the music straight away.

Gaz: Liverpool people know their music and they can’t be fooled. They’re used to good quality so you can’t try to be something you’re not. You have to be honest with them and you achieve that by being honest with yourself first.

Keep up with The Verdict by following their Twitter account @TheVerdictLive and get along to their next gig. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The band was interviewed during a sound check at The Zanzibar, Seel Street, Liverpool.

The Verdict