DO you ever go to the pub and come up with an idea with your mates that actually happens? Well this was one of those times.

A live music night. Original music. In the suburbs. People don’t go and see enough bands these days (myself included), so we will take the music to the people. Plus the night will be completely free to get in, and we’ll ask all the best bands in Liverpool. We’ll just have one band on a night, no bands snarling at each other to get off, and they can play as long as they want. Then we will have a DJ playing before, after, even between if they want a break, playing songs that fit in with the band that night. I must have been drunk because I volunteered to organise it. And then we all went home.

But a few days later someone sent an email, I can’t remember who, and then someone asked the Tea Street Band to play the opening night and they said yes, and then suddenly the Dovedale Towers had agreed to host us every Thursday, and then someone was buying a P.A, and designing a logo. So it appeared that thing that never happens, happened. We were actually doing the thing we said we were going to do in the pub.

We launch Thursday 5th July with The Tea Street Band and then Cold Shoulder come and play the week after. Then we’ll be with you every Thursday night bringing the best original live music we can find for as long as you want it. For it wasn’t called The Dovedale Social for no reason, it belongs to you. Tell us what bands should be playing. Tell us you should be playing. Tell the DJ what they should be playing. Actually don’t they hate that. But do come. Because if not it will just be me on my own trying to get a mixing desk to work. But you will come, won’t you. Because it’s going to be a bit special

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