Summer goes on but England’s march to Euro2012 glory comes to an end and that means there’s a certain mood to this week’s show. Rubbing faces alongside Neil Atkinson are Nick O’Prey, Rob Gutmann, Sachin Nakrani, Jim Boardman, Sean Rogers, Mike Nevin and even Richard Turvey as they talk about that England match and what England’s future looks like, along with the ins and outs of the other Euro 2012 quarter finals and predictions for what’s left. They even find time to talk Liverpool, transfers and how the Reds might approach next season.



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  1. Good again.

    One point: A lot of talk about who can play in the hole in a 4-2-3-1 and no mention/discussion of Gerrard. Found that a bit odd.

  2. drakerichards

    No one cares about Ing-er-land cept wools and cockney bone heads. We need a debate about Purple Aki….is he dead or not

  3. Hi guys, first time commenting here so I’ll just say it’s been more fun listening to these podcasts, particularly blue Mondays, than watching or reading about the footie over the last season. Great job.
    Anyway I just wanted to let ye know, also, that once again the podcast is not playing on the Ipod. It crashes the Ipod. This is the 3rd in a row now. Any tech head out there with a solution ?

  4. Tom Hoppe

    To Sachin Nakrani and Neil Atkinson: Serginho launched his penalty over the bar, not Pirlo. Pirlo’s penalty was blocked by Dudek.

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