SECOND agenda.

Last week went well, everyone brought their A-Game, so let’s kick on and see where we can take this phone-in.

To the skies. That’s where.

Full faith in you all. Especially YOU. So…

City Talk Phone In Agenda 7/6/12

Time – 6pm

Place – your house, car, headphones, whatever. 105.9 FM and

Number – 0151 708 1059.

Host – Neil Atkinson.

Guest – Steve Graves (If he isn’t busy banging something out about Croatia).

Opening question – Suggest me a fantasy football team name for my Euros Fantasy Team.* OR Who you think will win the Euros?

1. Dirk Kuyt Memories

2. Which of Liverpool’s crop of youngsters do you expect to prosper under Brendan Rodgers? E.g. Kelly, Coates, Henderson, Flanagan, Robinson, Suso, Shelvey, Sterling, Teixiera, Adoran.

3. Suggest me a player for my Euros fantasy auction coming up. Who should I try and get at all costs?

4. Kristian Walsh called Jordan Henderson’s role that of a “Shuttler”. Let’s create a new English football nomenclature. I’ll have your suggestions.

5. Any other Liverpool related business, monarchy related business, tennis related business that might come up from the radio show or just the day itself. Matters arising.

Fill your boots. Your phone in from six. Give me a call. 0151 708 1059.

Take it easy


* I expect quality here. Heaton said if I go with this we’ll get all the obvious like Norfolk Enchants** or whatever. So you need to prove him wrong. If you prove him right you, me, all of us, we’ll never hear the end of it.

** You can’t swear on the radio. Sadly. But you can”t. And try not to be smutty. Can”t be having with smut before teatime.


ENORMO HODGE. Apologies for Daily Mail link. Call and discuss this. If you aren”t struck dumb.