I blame myself. Only five callers last week. I blame myself. I obviously wasn’t exciting enough for you. I’m going to make more of an effort. I can change. Really, I can. I’m going to put glitter in my hair. For you. Colour me how you want. That’s right, this week you can colour me your colour baby, colour me your car.

You know what to do next.

City Talk Phone In Agenda 14/6/12

Time – 6pm

Place – your house, car, headphones, whatever. 105.9 FM and

Number – 0151 708 1059.

Host – Neil Atkinson.

Guest – John “Gibo” Gibbons. The glitter in my hair.

Opening question – Who would play you in a film of your life? (@staffordscouse and @moolag’s suggestions)

1. Players that have taken your fancy within the Euros for Liverpool. Who would you go for? Also rumours haven’t gone away as far as:
i) Kalou (Where does Soloman Kalou play? What is his position?)
ii) Sigurdsson.
iii) Diame
What do you make of them?

2. Which sides have looked good within the Euros? Who has impressed you and why? Who do you think will go on to win it?

3. Atmosphere at Anfield. What will help it? We’ll take any suggestions. Realistic or outlandish.

4. Who follows Redknapp at Spurs? Who would you want to follow him and who do you think will?

5. We need one more person to sign up to be Better Than Beglin. Email [email protected] to take your place to update us on the Italy/Croatia clash.

6. Any other matters arising. Catch us off guard.

The phone in from six. Give me a call. 0151 708 1059.

Take it easy