A SPRING afternoon walk down Wembley Way awaits those Reds with the right amount of “loyalty” or luck to have an FA Cup semi-final ticket on its way. Wembley Way will once again face an invasion of Liverpool supporters to what we used to call Anfield South, although at the time of writing The FA still hadn’t bothered to tell us what time we need to be there for.  It makes it harder to book flights, train tickets or coach journeys – and we can’t just say we’ll drive down because there might not be any petrol left in the country by then.

Shankly Track JacketNot that any of that will stop us if we’ve got a ticket.

For those of us who do give up hope of getting tickets there’s a Grand National to watch the same day and one way or another we’ll be making a day of it – wherever we are in the world.

So what are we going to wear?

The other lot will be happily wearing t-shirts that boast of them being “Bitter, Twisted and Proud” or make claims as witty as they are accurate about how local their support is. (Haven’t we shared Wembley Way with blues from Wales already this season?’)

If you need to have it pointed out what’s wrong with wearing a jester’s hat or an official LFC “superhero” outfit you’re probably in the wrong place. And even if it does turn out to be a friendly derby there’s still no excuse for those half-and-half scarves.

Love Follow Conquer (L.F.C.) have some ideas and a new range of jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts just in time for the spring, just in time for that second trip to Wembley (so far), ideal for town on the Saturday night whether it’s after a long day travelling back from where the twin towers used to be or a long day in sight of the Radio City Tower.

The pick of the t-shirts might just be this one.


Lucas Leiva. We love him. We miss him. We really, really, miss him. But he’ll be back. In the meantime the t-shirt does its job without going overboard, without trying to be too flashy, without drawing too much attention to itself. Reassurance in Red and White. Like Lucas.

There’s also a new vintage-look “King of Clubs” t-shirt to show appreciation to our old number seven, Kenny Dalglish, the man who’s done so much for this club and carries on giving it his all. For our current number seven the t-shirt in the style of an old seven-inch single is now available in grey, Luis Suárez, El Pistolero.

King of Clubs - King Kenny El Pistolero


The popular “Old Big Ears” design has now been made available on a sweatshirt, The European Cup made up from passport stamps of the places we visited to win it those five times.

Old Big Ears


Shankly Track JacketAway Days

The jackets are new, lighter, versions of the Away Days Smock Jacket and Shankly Track Jacket. This time they’ve been done in white and red rather than red and white, in nylon rather than cotton, and both come with a white mesh insert. You’ll still be wearing them when summer comes and spending the weekend watching football makes way for spending the weekend watching the queues at the theme parks.

Shankly Track JacketShankly Track Jacket

Away DaysAway Days

For the rest of the range visit lovefollowconquer.com – and follow @lovefollowconqr on Twitter.