BACK in their natural habitat of Parr Street, Neil, Andy and last-minute substitute Rob Gutmann are joined by Paul Cope, Phil Blundell, Peter Hooton, Sheila Coleman of the Hillsborough wow gold deutscher anbieter Justice Campaign and Ian Prowse of Pele and Amsterdam fame.

They chat about Stoke, the leaked Hillsborough documents, Ian”s music, the FA Cup draw and Flavio Briatore.



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  1. Excellent podcast this week spanning the serious subject of the Hillsborough leaks and the insight provided by Shelia as to her dealings with the Panel, the Home Office and the BBC to the light hearted cross river “banta” between Ian and co.

    As a Birkenhead lad myself who has family on both sides of the river, I never got the whole Liverpool-Wirral thing myself. To me, my respective grandparents homes in Norris Green and North End Birkenhead had alot more in common than the leafy suburbs of Woolton and West Kirby (and vice versa). Ian got it spot on that the Wirral is not all posh and likewise the city of Liverpool is not all a shi*tehole – stating the obvious maybe but the stereotypical outlook seems to suit various agendas at time. Not sure about E Port though, no posh parts to it are there?

    Odgy – remember the term well but as a young teenager in 78/79 we used it more to identify the “look” – flick haircut, trainees etc – as opposed to either side of the river. Funnily enough I recall my north end Liverpool cousins being all centre parted, denim jacket wearers at that time and they still have the nerve to call me a wool.

    Didn’t know about Odge=tripe relevance either. Still a lager over bitter is known as a Chinese in Birkenhead and a Golden in town.


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