This is a message from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

Following consultation with Cardiff fans, the Metropolitan Police and Wembley, we are pleased to issue the following advice in regards to our ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’ posters.

There will be 25,000 posters in total, 20,000 for Liverpool fans and 5,000 specially designed blue posters for Cardiff fans.

For those interested in distributing posters, you will be able to pick them up from 12 noon on Sunday at the Wimpy Restaurant at Wembley Park Station. When you exit the station, it’s 200 yards to the right.

Posters will be limited to 5 per person.

From past experience, the ideal scenario is, for everyone who can, to take 3 posters and them hand them out inside the stadium to people either side of them, or anyone around them who hasn’t got a poster.

The plan is to hold up the posters at kick-off, so if you those handed the posters out let everyone know that would be brilliant.

The Metropolitan Police that have advised that posters are ok to be distributed, and Wembley have confirmed that they will be allowed into the stadium.

Posters will also be available from the HJC shop on Walton Breck Road from 10:00-13:30pm tomorrow.

Thank You

The Hillsborough Campaign