INDEPENDENT and uncensored, it’s fair to say the The Redmen TV isn’t quite the same as the official Liverpool FC TV channel but its popularity is growing as more and more Reds get on its irreverent and honest style of programming. Paul Machin and Chris Pajak are the presenters but their efforts behind the scenes are just as vital in making the show the success that it is.

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They were the first independent outfit to get an interview with Luis Suárez (last season) and this season they’ve already featured interviews with Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Rafael Benítez and Dietmar Hamann. Alongside that their sketch shows, sometimes with the help of impressionist Darren Farley, give supporters a new insight into the thoughts of the likes of “Mancini”, “Hodgson” and “Aquiliani”.

They give supporters a chance to really get their feelings about a match off their chests – their reaction shows let fans say things they’d not get to say on LFC.TV, Five Live or talkSPORT.

The Anfield Wrap has also been well represented on the show, Andy Heaton, Rob Gutmann, Kristian Walsh, Gareth Roberts and Jim Boardman amongst those who’ve taken part in the programmes.

Gareth Roberts went in ahead of the home game against Manchester City, a show that also included an exclusive interview with “Mancini”:

The visit of Newcastle saw TAW’s Bundesliga expert Kristian Walsh invited into the Redmen TV studio complex to look ahead to the match and it also gave him a chance to send greetings to his biggest Twitter fan:

Andy and Rob joined the lads ahead of this season’s visit to against Bolton – a game they said was a “must win” given the number of home draws from Liverpool this season. The game itself is best forgotten, but here’s their preview:

When you write a piece like this you get to choose which clips are shown, so we’ll leave it there for clips of the TAW guests and you’ll have to search for the clip of Jim if you really want to see it. What you will want to see are the clips of the stars they’ve had on the show, and this one features Rafa, Stevie, Carra, Didi and a familiar looking trophy.

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