With London calling for our first final in too long, TAW thought it was an ideal chance to showcase some of the banners that have been made up ready for our first trip to Wembley as well as some from our recent history from around the globe as well as a few old favourites.

We’ll start with our top 5 with the rest in no particular order with credit to the creators in the captions.

Thanks again for all your entries

*Click on the banners to open them in a new window

**Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a decent photo of ‘This is a sheet’ so if anyone has got one, could you send it in, ta.


The Hillsborough Justice Campaign

El Scouse - Digger vs Racism


Gary Shaw

Chris Welsh

Trishan Patel

Neil Docking

Will Ellis

Stephen Lindsay


Simon Helsby

Simon Helsby

The San Francisco Supporters Club

Rob Gambles

Phillip Curry

New South Wales Supporters Club

New South Wales Supporters Club

New South Wales Supporters Club

The Novelli Boys

Shankly, Paisley, Fagan, Dalglish, Benitez

Mike Burns

Mike Burns

Martin Halliday

Mark Pickles

Kenny Glover

John Rushworth


John Rushworth

James Ahmed

Inbir Sahota

Gaz MacLagan

Dale Cooch

Connor De Bhrun-Smith

Neil Rook

Joel Cooper

And our old favourite………

A tribute to everyone's favourite Radio City DJ from Alan Dixon