IT’S boring now – the self-righteous indignation. The moral high ground. The preaching. The finger pointing. The inaccurate claims and ill-informed representations. Boring.

It’s gone on for weeks. It’s still going on. To what end? Point scoring? An office joke? An internet argument?

The desperation from some to tar Liverpool and its fans with the racist brush is tiresome.

But they’re entrenched in their opinion, I’m entrenched in mine. No-one’s budging.

If something is open to interpretation and can be presented as negative those that like to poke the hornet’s nest will do their damnedest to make it buzz.

What they don’t like is silence. No tweets, no comments, no link backs.

Someone else is having a pop? Who’s arsed?

Booing Evra is racist? Ok, if you say so. Who’s arsed what you’ve got to say?

Everyone has lost respect for Dalglish? Ok, if you say so. Who’s arsed?

I could have come on here and pointed you to the latest round of factual inaccuracies in the press or more mischief-making on the internet regarding Liverpool.

I could have highlighted slanderous comments about the Liverpool manager on Twitter from people that really ought to know better.

But who’s arsed?

It’s only important if you make it important. I know I’m not a racist. No-one else can know that better than I do. I know the lads either side of me at Anfield on Saturday aren’t racist.

I know that generally speaking Dalglish is well respected among Liverpool fans. And I think it’s a fair bet he’s got the command of the dressing room given the reaction on the pitch to his comments after the Bolton game.

Myopic hacks desperate for attention are not important. They are people writing about a football match, competing with many other people writing about a football match.

They are desperate to be insightful. Battling to be first with the news. Keen to justify their existence.

Some are good, some are bad. Some are reasonable, some are not.

Controversy is good. Debate is great. A link flying around cyberspace is gold, whatever the reason.

Does it have to be accurate? Does it need to be fair? As long as it gets hits and a few more Twitter followers, who’s arsed?

I’m not, because I’ve gone past caring. I’ve seen it all in the last few years – over Hicks and Gillett, over Hillsborough, over Heysel.

If you want good journalism you should know by now where to look. If you want snide wind-ups – ditto.

Rival fans are not important, either. Those that come looking for comment from Liverpool fans are generally only after one thing – a reaction.

People say all kinds on forums and Twitter, from the inane to the intelligent. You can find a comment to suit whatever the point is you’re trying to make.

Two people have been spoken to by police regarding alleged racist incidents at Anfield in recent games. Over 80,000 were inside the ground over the two games in question.

You’re saying all Liverpool fans are racist? Who’s arsed?