MISTY’S BIG ADVENTURE’S nationwide tour rolls into The Masque Theatre on Thursday 24th November with support from three bands based or formed in Liverpool.

Misty’s Big Adventure are an eight piece delight from Birmingham who seem to have been around for ages (1996 to be exact). It’s hard to describe their sound without just listening to it, but pop mayhem springs to mind. And that’s before they have added a dancer, dressed in a red sack with stuffed blue gloves attached, to their live show. If you like a band that put on a show you won’t be disappointed. And check out this piece of pop perfection featuring big fan Noddy Holder:

Nationwide support comes from We Walk in Straight Lines, based in Brighton but originally formed in Liverpool. So if they take off like they should we can claim them like a rock Kim Cattrell and make them come back and do Shakespeare on demand. The band has a fantastic combination of intensity and melody, and an energetic live show well worth checking out:

Fidel Afro also have a reputation as a great live band acquired from relentless gigging in Merseyside. You can hear a raw Queens of the Stone Age influence, but also a more laid back blues sound as well. Watch this video. I’ve got no idea what’s going on:

Last, but certainly not least, Liverpool’s own The Last Gambados will start things off and are, in a Luis Suarez style, worth the entrance money alone. With a classy brass ensemble, an organ rescued from Walton tip and vocal harmonies so delicious they should be served with chips, the Gambados are a live force to be reckoned with. Get on them smashing it here:

Because of the sheer volume of great music, the show starts early at about 7:30, so get down early to support the local lads and see it all. Tickets are £7 from the venue, but the Last Gambados have told us they have a £5 paying guestlist if you email them on [email protected]. All that for a flim? You’d be a divvy not to!