Rather than blog about any old shite and end up on yet another ramble, we’ve decided to bring a bit of ‘orderly structure’ to proceedings, and I haven’t even needed to get the Mrs involved.

And so, we’re going to open the floor. We want to generate some proper discussion as we unleash a flurry of random ‘LFC Greatests’. Yes it’s been done before but not by us so it doesn’t count.

We’ll be posting these here on every Liverpool fan’s favourite new site, The Anfield Wrap, which is packed full of seriously brilliant content from some of the country’s finest writers (and us), and not to mention the groundbreaking weekly podcast which has already had its fifty-thousandth download in just over a month.

We know we’re opening the proverbial can of worms but if it gets some debate flowing, then all the better. We remember an article from Tony Evans a couple of years back where he placed Tommy Smith ahead of Emlyn Hughes, Dudek in front of Grobbelaar and Keegan above Rush. All contentious but all backed up with aplomb and that’s exactly what we’ll be aiming to do.

Coming up in the next few weeks, we’ll weigh up LFC’s greatest Spanish player, greatest European performance, greatest centre-half (we’ll have to batten down the hatches for that one) building up to our greatest victories over the Mancs in tandem with their arrival at Anfield in the league.

Feel free to drop any ideas our way – the more leftfield the better – and we’ll all put the world to rights.