WELL, not strictly speaking, as I’m sure some of you have had a listen to the pilot edition that we uploaded last week.

The initial intention was to keep it in house, hide it away from the world, but we thought, you know what, sod it, we’ll let it out and see what comes back.

We received loads of feedback, most of it good, all of which we’ve taken on board for Edition One of The Anfield Wrap.

So, what can you expect from us now that we’re now into season ‘proper’?

Well, this week, hosted again by ‘Our Neil’ we have the Liverpool Echo’s own James Pearce, the godfather of the city’s bar and club scene Rob Gutmann, Everton Football Club pin-up James McKenna, professional man about town Kristian Walsh and the oracle that is Jim Boardman.

We’ll be discussing a proverbial smorgasbord of subjects from Hicks and Gillett to Steve Bruce’s big fat head.

To quote the latest Adidas campaign, we at The Anfield Wrap are “All In” – but without THE FUCKING BLUE.