I LIKE Noel Gallagher. I once interviewed him on the phone about Manchester City when I worked on the kids football magazine MATCH! sometime around 1994 when Oasis were just starting out.

He was pretty funny then and totally down to earth. 17 years on, I don’t reckon he’s changed much – certainly not in the interviews with him that I’ve read since (if you haven’t read it, get Mojo this month – he’s the guest editor).

So, when he announced in July that he was releasing not one but two new albums – one with his new Scouse-infused backing band the High Flying Birds and one with Amorphous Androgynous – I know which one I’ll be more interested in – the second one.

The new single ‘The Death of  You and Me’ is alright I suppose – like ‘The Importance of Being Idle’ (the Oasis song it most sounds like) is just alright but it’s certainly nothing special.

Certainly nowhere near as special as the 22-minute remix (part 3 & 4 below) of the Oasis track ‘Falling Down’ that Amorphous Androgynous pulled off in 2009. If the new album between the pair who used to be The Future Sound of London and Noel is anything like that remix, it’ll do for me.

And, just for good measure, here’s a remix of that remix I stumbled across on Soundcloud the other night.