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by TheAnfieldWrap // 7 May 2012 // 9 Comments

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The Post Cup Final Hangover

Neil, Jim, Sean, Paul Cope, Andy, Rob, Steve Graves and Mike dragged themselves into Parr St on a god awful Bank Holiday Morning to go back over 2/3′s bad 1/3 good cup final performance in horrifically close detail as well as other bits and bobs.


Don’t kill yourself

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  1. The republic of scouse stuff is very embarrassing.

  2. The booing of the anthem is a disgrace we all hate the FA understanably. But booing the national anthem is out of order, you may as well stick 2 fingers up to our military many of whom come from and support Liverpool. You dont like the establishment thats fine but dont be so crass. Just ignore it dont stand up etc. We rightly were horrified and disgusted by the Chavs over Hillsborough lets not stoop to their level.

  3. RE Messi – the ‘false 9′ is again something introduced by Johann Cruyff in his managerial stint at Camp Nou in 1990s. I remember watching game where his son Jordi played the role Messi now does.

    Barcelona are LIGHT years ahead of any prem club in terms of style, tech etc. Think LFC need to concentrate on improving up to top prem standard first!

    Cup Final decided by two bad mistakes versus one, and one great save.

    Obvious plus side Andy Carroll. He was real threat and looked lean and sharp. If only the season was starting now …

    But the obvious problem of QUALITY and STRENGTH IN DEPTH remains! How many years will this go on??!!

    Jay Spearing is 23 now: he isn’t good enough for LFC, still (just) one of the ten richest/biggest clubs in world football.

    A possible solution to LFC’s central midfield woes: Tomás Rincón, 24 yr old capt. of Venezuela. Can also play right-back. Currently at Hamburger SV. Would be cheap too, and currently seems out of favour at his club.

    (Marcell Jansen, another decent German international, left-footed can play up/down left hand side, is another potentially available at Hamburg.)

    But finding players is not the fans’ job. If, as is claimed by his friends, Kenny Dalglish knows all the players knocking around football, why doesn’t he bring some of them in, then … and less of the British muck signed last year.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Another great episode, in spite of the poor result.

    Just wanted to say that the point regarding Goalkeeper coaching is absolutely relevant, lest we forget the years of Joe Corrigan where the confidence and performances of several very good to competent level goal keepers declined due to poor coaching.

    Rob’s Glib comment regarding great players not needing that level of micro management citing Lionel Messi as an example is poorly made, the premise being great players are great go out and play. With the exception of Messi (who must score every week or as near as) coaching staff must surely sit down with players and analyse performance especially during harder times. For example Rooney who is nowhere near the level of Messi will go through a goal drought every season, how would you expect Ferguson’s coaching staff etc to deal with this in training? or do they just say “keep going son”

    I think all this goes back to the recurring theme of the show this season…….what is the plan once they get out on that pitch and what are we doing after the games where it hasn’t been implemented.

  5. Irish fan based in UK here. I’ve been a Red since 1981, and
    a proud Irish Red. Liverpool is a very Irish influenced city, resulting from mass
    emigration there over the last 150 years or so. The Irish and the Scousers
    share many qualities: sense of humour, friendliness, fondness for telling a story or two. The ‘Republic of Scouse’ thing shouldn’t be taken too seriously then. Liverpool IS in England, the Irish connection is only “a bit ‘a craic”.

  6. England fans boo every single other national anthem that’s played. To get all high and mighty about a few boos from scousers is hypocritical…

  7. Hiya lads, love the pod here in Picton
    The best Beastie Boys album is ‘Licence to Ill’ and the best song is ‘The New Style’. Apart from the bit about them liking underage girls. Thats wrong. Keep up the good work gents!

  8. I’m a huge fan of the podcast, and realise it deals with more than just football, but I’d consider bringing up politics a little less – you don’t want to alienate fans.

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