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The Anfield Wrap – Episode Thirty-Seven

by TheAnfieldWrap // 9 April 2012 // 21 Comments

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A hungover Neil is joined by Mike Girling, John Gibbons, Steve Graves, Sean Rogers, Jim Boardman, Nick O’Prey, Gareth Roberts and Tim and James from the Tea Street Band to pick over the bones of the Reds’ home draw with Villa and look ahead to the away trip to Blackburn. Also on the agenda: music, the worst bars in Liverpool and the concept of the box-to-box bass guitarist.


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Download the latest TAW digital magazine FREE iOS app for iPad, iPhone, iPod TouchDownload the latest TAW digital magazine FREE web app for PC, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile


  1. You guys are amazing! Thanks for restoring my faith and making an old bloke happy

  2. that podcast was absolutely top banana

  3. Agger is a better left back than Enrique.

  4. re: Aurelio

    We’ve been missing a midfielder with some vision, who can command the space, pass, tackle, defend and join in with the offence when required: Aurelio!?

    Surely our most competent player to replace Lucas. He’s played central before… but he’s made of glass.

  5. Personally, I found this one of the best podcasts so far. I’ve had niggling little thoughts throughout the season and a lot of them were addressed in this podcast. Hearing them listed one after the other has had quite a profound effect. I’ve now got a similar feeling to ones I had in 2003/04 and 2009/10.
    I’ll never be a sycophant and I’ll always question things and so I’m left wondering, am I looking at next season as the year the new players start to settle, where we’ve found a new forward who’ll massively improve us plus perhaps, a decent right winger, where we have no negativity hanging over us and everything’s great and we compete for the league or, the season where nothing’s really changed and every weekend we’re left with more questions than answers. I don’t see how the issues that are troubling me can be solved with a three month break from league games, in the summer. They seem deeper rooted.
    Hopefully, a win on Saturday and I’ll have a more positive outlook on things. At the minute I keep having this recurring dream that I’m on a train home, suffering from that weird feeling of being a bit pissed and a bit drained from the adrenaline and I’m really miserable but half the carriage is crackin open can after can and singing and laughing. For fucks sake, let’s hope we win anyway possible.

    Although it’s wrecked me head, fantastic podcast lads. Very compelling listening.

  6. @nick o’ prey – you didn’t actually call any member of the bar staff a ‘twat’ in the belvedere did you? it would not have gone un-noticed but dealt with appropriately if you did. shame you made that up. any bar person here knows that the ‘get what you give’ attitude, with humour and affection, is the only type of customer service to use. ask ian ayre, ask brian reade, ( both regulars ) oh yeah ask peter hooton too.

    as an award winning ‘real local’ ( pub of culture 2011, pub of excellence 2012 ) it’s legit to point out that the belvedere is clearly very far from the worst bar in the city … i could nominate a few hundred more likely candidates. ask rob guttman, he knows one or two.

    nick, i wanna invite you back to the pub, okay? and in a spirit of ‘let’s not take this too seriously’ – if you can identify the bar person(s) you deemed worthy of the ‘twat’ shout, and back this up with a no holds barred contest of supreme twatness, ( no harm/no foul, your rules, your twat criteria ) to prove your dubious yet devastating claim i will not hesitate to provide a massive round of frosty delicious award-winning bevys to you and your ‘broadcasters!?’

    otherwise just an apology will do. thanks

    Peter Kane – Bar Manager – The Award Winning Belvedere – Not a Twat – YNWA

  7. Ooh I hope the Shipping Forecast bar manager comes on too

    • @JG now there’s a case…
      – piss the beds
      + a dj
      + expensive shit beer
      – welcoming staff
      = shipping forecast

  8. Hi Peter
    I was in last Thursday night about 10, in trying to order beer from one of your staff I felt like I was involved in somebody audition for Britain’s Got Talent. All I want is a beer, I don’t want to see someone perform.

    I remarked that he might therefore be a bit of a twat. In retrospect perhaps not a TWAT, but certainly twattishness.

    Your beer, when it came, was good though.

    Nick O’Prey

  9. Depends upon your boredom threshold…and thirst

    • my bar was declared in your opinion to be the worst in liverpool and the bar person a ‘twat’

      ” depends upon your boredom threshold…and thirst ”

      is that it ? unimpressed !

      like i said FAIL

      you also missed the chance to redeem some credibility in my opinion which is shit really if you expect your listeners to respect what you say … that’s a BIG FAIL

      guess who’s bored now

  10. Redeem? Get over yourself

      • Peter, to be honest, your responses to, in my mind, a quite valid complaint have been a little childish.

        Personally I’ve never had an issue with the Belvedere, but to dismiss Nick’s complaint out of hand in such a manner does yourself or your pub a disservice.

        • And who said we had any credibility???

        • in your mind? really … no shit (shrug shoulders)

          so nick o’prey says the belvedere is the worst pub in liverpool … and it’s not

          and he claims to have called the barman a ‘twat’ … but he never really – did he?

          and, “personally I’ve never had an issue with the Belvedere” …what’s your point?

          simply, in my mind, no matter how much you try to ignore it, you just can’t hide from a FUCK YOU.

          furthermore is it myself OR my pub you claim is being handed a disservice here?
          … not clear there … either way i can definitely handle it :)

  11. Utterly superb edition of the podcast this, many thanks indeed.

    Supremely amusing to see the Bar Manager of a pub whose staff were deemed twattish come on here to defend his cause by… behavin like a bit of a twat. As Jimmy Pineapple used to say – “Case. Fucking. Closed.”

  12. You think this is bad, Smokey Moe’s have formed a posse and they’re gettin the fuck out of Dodge and headin’ this way.

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