BACK when The Anfield Wrap was just one show a week, mainly on a Monday, and a radio show, on Fridays, people said to us all the time: “We want more shows.”

They wanted them before the game and after the game. When big news breaks. With opposition fans. With big guests. More analysis, more laughs, more season reviews, more everything — just MORE.

In 2015, after working hard at TAW for more than four years, we decided we wanted more, too. But we simply couldn’t do it without changing the setup. So we did. We took the plunge. We kitted out our own studio, set up a modest office and here we are — offering a subscription audio service all about Liverpool FC. The Anfield Wrap and the radio show remain free. This is something else: TAW Player.

TAW Player is more. But if you want more we’ve got to ask you for £5. That fiver a month will get you 30 shows minimum, sometimes many more, 40-plus some months. The base figure, 30, works out at about 17p a show.

And if you don’t want more? That’s absolutely fine. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Monday’s show is still free. Our CityTalk show is still free. And all the writing on the website remains free, too.

We hope you give TAW Player a try because we’d love to make this work.


How can I access the feed in my podcast app?

If you’ve already subscribed you can find instructions for the RSS feed here: TAW Player instructions. Struggling, or need help? Email: [email protected]

Will the original shows suffer?

Absolutely not. We’re determined that we will do the best hour of football radio every week. And TAW is our flagship show. We have a ton of great contributors with fantastic views. And we think the website will improve. The more people are involved, the more the writing will grow. We love these shows and our website. It’s our calling card. We’ll be the best we can.

Will I be able to get TAW Player on iTunes?

It won’t be listed in the iTunes store as it doesn’t allow for paid-for shows. Once subscribed you’ll be able to listen to the podcast either streaming on the website or via the subscription podcast feed. Subscription podcast feed will work in the following podcast listeners: iTunes (Mac/Windows), Apple Podcasts App (iOS), Instacast (iOS), Pocket Casts (iOS), Overcast (iOS), Downcast (iOS), Podcast Addict (Android), Pocket Casts (Android), DoggCatcher (Android), ACast (Android), Bringcast (Windows Phone).

Will I be able to download the shows?

Yes. Subscribers will be able to download shows via the subscription podcast feed or stream them straight from the site (see above). If you’ve already subscribed you can find instructions for the RSS feed here: TAW Player instructions

Do you plan on offering any discount for those willing to make a longer commitment – for example if I subscribed for a year?

It’s something we’ll look into. For now we just want to get TAW Player up and running and established and see what everyone thinks.

What platform is TAW Player geared towards?

It’s multi-platform and programmed to work equally well on Apple/Android/mobile/PC.

How do you do all this?

We’ve set up our own studio with professional gear. And we work hard!

What payment options do you offer?

Payments are handled by PayPal and World Pay. The PayPal system is very popular and protects both buyers and sellers. If you don’t have a PayPal account it is really, really easy to set up or if you don’t want to set up a PayPal account you can pay PayPal via credit card. We do not hold any of your personal information and the site is secure.

What if I can’t afford a fiver a month?

That’s sound. Two shows a week and all the writing on the site remain free.

Will you still be producing The Rider?

Yes, The Rider will continue as is.

Have you considered a pay-per-show model?

A few people have mentioned this so it’s certainly something we’ll consider. But we’re keeping things simple for now at £5 per month for everything.

How long will the shows be?

No set time as such. Having our own studio gives us some freedom. In general, 45 minutes plus.

Can you get TAW Player worldwide?

Yes. And if there any problems please email us at [email protected]

Is there a minimum period of sign up?

One month.

How easy is it to cancel if I don’t like it?

Easy, just cancel your monthly payment.

What will you do with my personal details?

We won’t be selling them to a third party if that’s what you mean. We might send you a TAW email newsletter though. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to cancel that if you don’t like it.

OK, I’m in – where do I sign up?

If you’re ready to subscribe, you can do so, quickly and easily, right here.

Any questions we’ve missed?

Email us at [email protected]





Andy HeatonAndy Heaton

Producer of, and contributor to, Anfield Wrap podcasts.

Adam SmithAdam Smith

Professional actor and voice-over artist. Tweeter and blogger.

Paul SeniorPaul Senior

Regular contributor and occasional host. Owner of Liverpool bars

Mo StewartMo Stewart

DJ and Anfield Wrapper. The man with the view from the booth

Adam MeliaAdam Melia

Proud cat owner and football song connoisseur.

Craig HannanCraig Hannan

Marketer and contributor. The Anfield Wrap’s second best marketing tool – apparently.