Time to nail some lies

by Jim Boardman // 14 October 2012 // 117 Comments

JEN CHANG was appointed LFC’s communications director in the summer. Before he officially started in the role he contacted various people, including me, and said he wanted to extend the access to the club that was currently enjoyed by the mainstream media so that it also included fan-sites, blogs, fanzines, podcasts and so on. For the rest of this article I’ll try to refer to all these as either fan-sites or blogs or we’ll be here all day. We might still be.

Chang said he wanted fan-sites to be able to go to press conferences and to get access to the press box. He said in the US that ‘bloggers’ are treated the same as mainstream journalists and he’d like to see that happen at Anfield too.

It was still ahead of his official start date when Brendan Rodgers was due to be officially announced as Liverpool manager. At The Anfield Wrap we found out about the press conference being held to make this announcement and I asked Jen Chang if I’d be able to go along to it. We were told we could, and in fact Gareth Roberts and I went along.

When Chang officially started at the club he arranged to meet some of the people he’d previously spoken to on the phone. I met him one day and I know others met him at various points in his first few weeks in the role. He asked people if there were any other blogs, fan-sites or otherwise that he should be speaking to and he was given recommendations.

On the whole the people running the various fan-sites all get on together quite well whenever they do have any contact with each other and to my knowledge there is very little rivalry between sites. It might be the case when forumites start to discuss other sites – but the people running the sites are generally fine with each other. Some people take the internet more seriously than others.

As it was Chang soon found that there problems with the idea of giving fan-sites the same access as the mainstream press. There were various reasons for this, one of which is a physical lack of space in the press room at Melwood. So a new idea was put forward – instead of fan-sites going to the regular press-conferences every week the fan-sites could have their own monthly meetings with the manager or a player.

It’s also safe to say that although some members of the mainstream media were genuinely pleased to see the likes of The Anfield Wrap and This Is Anfield involved, others were rather resistant to it and so would have been pleased to see the separation continue.

Chang also around this time gave us the name of the contact from the press office that was to be our point of contact from that point forward. Chang doesn’t arrange access for any of us; we speak to our contact in the press office.

The idea of separate sessions for fan-sites had been mentioned to me well before what was for us the second event of the summer at Anfield, the press conference held ahead of the US tour. It was also mentioned to all the fan-sites who were there the day of that press briefing – and there were a number of fan-sites there that day. Those fan sites were spoken to by Chang separately from the rest of the press as he basically introduced himself to us properly.

As it was LFC’s pre-season blended in with the real season thanks to the Europa League qualifiers and so there wasn’t an opportunity for the first of these monthly meetings until September and the first, inevitable, international break.

Brendan Rodgers sat with the various fan-sites for an age, openly discussing all kinds of issues with much enthusiasm. You probably heard the audio on the Anfield Wrap or Anfield FM, saw the video on The Redmen TV, or heard bits of it in various parts of the mainstream media. I spent far too long writing a full transcript of the interview (due to popular demand from overseas supporters struggling with the manager’s accent) and of course you could read about it on those other fan-sites that had been invited along.

With no domestic football on that week the quotes were gratefully received by the mainstream media to help them put a story together. Outlets using TAW’s audio credited TAW for the use of it. And that was enough to kick a conspiracy theory off.

The conspiracy was that Jen Chang had given TAW exclusive access to Rodgers in return for keeping quiet about some allegations that had been made against Chang by a Twitter user going by the pseudonym of “Duncan Jenkins”.

You will no doubt have seen the reports in some sections of the press on Friday; you’ve probably seen the blog that the press reports were based on. One thing they – “Jenkins” and Chang – agree on is that they had a meeting in Manchester in August. “Jenkins” claims he and his family were threatened, Chang denies this.

This article isn’t aimed at deciding which one, if any, is being totally honest about what went on at that meeting. In the absence of any evidence of what was said it’s the word of one guy against the other and no doubt people will make their own minds up about who they believe.

Back in September, at the time of the Rodgers interview, I’d heard only quite vague snippets about the claims “Jenkins” was making so it was quite strange to start receiving angry tweets accusing TAW of doing some kind of deal with Chang. The ridiculous accusation being made was that we got to speak exclusively to Rodgers in return for not speaking out about Chang.

Their rush to jump to conclusions meant they completely missed the fact it wasn’t exclusive – there were other fan-sites there too. (Laughingly, one of the theorists reckons ‘exclusive’ still applies when there are 15-20 people from different independent outlets involved).They were also unaware of the fact the interview idea was first put forward long before that first session, way back in the summer. The reason it took place when it did was because the first team had no games.

At this point I was in contact with someone who runs the website the majority of this small but vocal army of critics came from. Their beef was that they had been told TAW would definitely cover the story about Chang but hadn’t done yet and it looked to them like a deal had been done. “You can see how it looks,” said the person from the website.

Unfortunately for us that website is hidden from anyone who isn’t a member and becoming a member isn’t just a case of registering. We’ve no idea what’s been said about us on there and so can’t respond to inaccuracies. The same would apply to any other forum which restricts access to members, for whatever reason, unless of course any of us have chosen to join those forums. We’re not afraid of criticism and are usually happy to respond to it if it’s put to us. And the night of that Rodgers interview criticism was put to us, in the form of accusations based on that conspiracy theory that had been cooked up on that private website.

The night of that Rodgers interview I took up the complaint from our contact at that forum. He’d mentioned something extremely vague about a problem with Chang on what would have been the day or day after Jenkins meeting with him. On the night of the Rodgers interview in the wake of the criticism from some members of that forum we exchanged messages and phone calls. I spoke to Chang about it. There has never been any dispute from Chang about him meeting Jenkins but his story wasn’t the same as the one being put out on behalf of Jenkins.

A deal was put on the table for Chang.

The contact asked me to tell Chang that if he apologised to Jenkins that would be the end of it.

I put this to Chang – but Chang denied any wrongdoing and seemed unlikely to apologise. That said, I suggested he should still speak to Jenkins because only the two of them knew what really happened in that meeting and maybe they could resolve it.

What I couldn’t do was put any of the details of the allegations to him. I still didn’t have any details. I couldn’t put them to Chang and I couldn’t write about them.

The allegations being made on behalf of Jenkins were extremely vague and, in my view, the lack of details made them sound extremely sensationalised. “Chang threatened Jenkins’s family” is a soundbite guaranteed to cause concern but what exactly was the nature of that threat? It’s difficult to think of any threat from a Premier League football club executive to a fake Twitter account that could be considered reasonable in the circumstances but it’s important to be clear about what that threat was.

Did he threaten to torch their homes or did he threaten to give them some poor feedback on eBay?

Was the threat to children or partners or parents? I wasn’t told.

I asked for the details to be emailed over because time and time again when I asked what the actual threats were I felt I wasn’t being given a straight answer. Not because the other person was being evasive but because the other person was too angry to talk calmly about it. The other person had already decided Chang had done all he was accused of doing and just wanted him shown up to the world for doing it.

At the very least there seemed to be some room for a little chuckle at Chang for taking a parody Twitter account so seriously that he travelled to Manchester to meet the person behind it. There were also questions to be asked about whether it was right for Chang to warn Jenkins about the possibility of being blocked from using the season ticket he was using (it wasn’t in his own name). But there’s a massive difference between that and the “Jen Chang threatened my family” headline I was basically being fed.

Having never met the person behind the Jenkins character I had no way of knowing how trustworthy he was. The third party passing us his allegations trusted him but was unable to be specific about what the allegations were and as I said I asked him if he could email something over to me about it so I could work on it from there.

As it was that email was never sent.

The contact said he’d ‘need clearance’ from Jenkins before emailing it. That was on September 9th and a few days later something happened that meant this story was so far down my priorities that I didn’t bother chasing it up. The something that happened was the release of the report from the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

Before the release of that report there had still been enough time to knock up an email explaining what had happened but as those few days passed I did start to wonder if there had been any threats to his family at all. The third party was determined, desperate even, for us to get this story out, no doubt the website he ran was full of members wanting us to do so too – yet three days later they still hadn’t supplied me with any of the details of the allegations. I didn’t know who had been threatened or how.

By the time the panel had released its report I’d already started to wonder if Jenkins had been misleading the other people from the forum, that when it came to writing the details down he couldn’t do it or had maybe tripped himself up. For the contact to be so determined one day to get the story out and to then just go quiet seemed odd to me. But then the panel’s report came out and I unsurprisingly stopped giving Jenkins a great deal of thought.

For the next five weeks I rarely even saw mention of Jenkins. I didn’t chase them up about the email; they didn’t make any contact with me to explain why they hadn’t sent it. As coverage of the panel’s report started to scale down they still made no contact, the longer this went on the more I started to doubt the claims Jenkins was making.

At no point until yesterday had I had any direct contact with the creator of Jenkins other than whatever communication went on with him ‘as Jenkins’ prior to this storm. I’m told that Jenkins has exchanged emails with another TAW member during this saga.

On Friday I was at Melwood along with the numerous others invited to speak to Lucas. On a personal level I was extremely pushed for time. I had left for Melwood a little bit later than I wanted to having waited for the IPCC announcement to be made. I tweeted links to that then legged it to the car. I also had to leave before Lucas had finished the interview as I had to be elsewhere. I knew I’d have very little time, if any, to write about the Lucas interview because I had so much on away from the world of football and blogs.

I was in the press room at Melwood waiting for Lucas when I saw that Jenkins had resurfaced, that he’d written a blog with the allegations I’d been told about so vaguely all those weeks before.

My first reaction was one of anger, to be honest. I’d waited five weeks for an email or even a calm phone call with those details in and one hadn’t been sent, with no explanation about why. The IPCC had released their report that morning and I still hadn’t even read that, and that was far more important to me than the experience one supporter had waited two months to talk about. And why not at least warn me that it was going to come out? Had they done that I might have been able to tell them that on a personal level I was going to struggle to do anything with the blog’s contents this weekend. I could also have asked them why the hell they’d picked the day the IPCC released their report to release their blog and maybe persuaded them to delay it a few days.

Over the weekend the guy that runs that forum tweeted to TAW and two journalists: “it’s time to stop hiding behind curtains and support Jenkins who came to yous in first place.”

That was just part of the backlash that was coming from the forum he runs. No doubt there had been more fuming going on behind the curtains of that private website. Other accusations levelled at TAW include “hanging a good Red out to dry”.

TAW was asked prior to that Rodgers interview – by the intermediary, not by “Jenkins” – to tell the world about the allegations “Jenkins” was making. Another member of TAW took the intermediary’s word to be true and agreed to do this – but clearly there needed to be more for TAW to go on than what we had at that point in time.

A third party was telling us over the phone about some threats – without any real detail of the threats – that a parody Twitter account owner claimed had been against him. The owner of the account, to my knowledge, was and still is unwilling to go on record using his own name. That might be for good reason. But – judging by the two-month delay in writing about it even under the pseudonym – he was reluctant to go on the record in any form.

The Jenkins account has more Twitter followers than any of us at TAW and he could have used this to get the allegations out there. He has a blog site he can use – and eventually did – to get the allegations out there. The third party demanding we cover the story has of course got a website that does still have public areas he could use to put those allegations onto.

Yet it’s TAW hanging Jenkins out to dry.

As for TAW taking some kind of sweetener – access to players or exclusives for example – in return for covering up the Jenkins allegations all I can say is that this is complete bollocks. There’s no other word to use for it, really.

The story we ran yesterday about the stadium didn’t come from the club. Another member of TAW got the scoop from a source elsewhere. It was a nailed-on source and we took steps to confirm it with other sources. In fact, from what others have told me since, the club had actually already fed information about the stadium to certain members of other, more mainstream, media outlets and that information was embargoed. TAW wasn’t aware of this because TAW still aren’t treated in the same way as the mainstream media.

Yet – according to the conspiracy theorists – that story was fed to us in return for continuing to keep quiet about Jenkins and Chang.

Jenkins has put forward an explanation for the timing of his blog. Whether that’s a reasonable explanation or not it doesn’t change the fact that it also arrived at a time when TAW were unable to do much at all with it.

Two of us were at Melwood (one of us representing another fan-site) as he released it. The IPCC announcement was made just before we got to Melwood. The Friday podcast and radio show had already been recorded the evening before. The next podcast is on Monday.

For me that was the first opportunity I’d had to actually see what the allegations were. And I just did not have to time to sit down and go through them to see what I thought of them.  In fact even now I’ve had not read them properly – I’ve used what time I’ve had responding to conspiracy theorists and now writing this up.

The bottom line is that this incident remains the word of one person against another.

The only agreement on record that I’m aware of in the two versions of the story is that a meeting took place.

I don’t know of any evidence that we can use that shows any threat of any kind was made. That doesn’t mean it never happened, but two months after that meeting it’s only now that TAW has actually got details of the allegations.

The areas of the press that did run this on Friday night were only able to run it because they were reporting what had been written in that blog. That was the first time anyone could report what had been alleged because until then nobody was willing to put anything down on the record. Was there anything that TAW could have added to that?

Well yes, there is a lot that TAW could add to it. And we will. But it’s going to take time to do that.

We can have a read about it and those of us who are in for tomorrow’s podcast can talk about it. I won’t be in tomorrow, frustratingly because I’ve a lot I’d like to say, so I’ll probably be writing something about it instead.

We don’t have a party line at TAW, we all have our own opinions. We talk to each other, we agree to disagree, you hear some of that twice a week on our podcasts. We’re not afraid to speak out as individuals or as a group if we feel it’s the right thing to do. We speak out about stuff that’s serious and stuff that’s not so serious. Sometimes it’s the less serious stuff that gets us in bother in terms of criticism.

We recently passed comment during a podcast on the shirt choice of a certain member of the Anfield hierarchy. That member of the hierarchy didn’t get the best of press from us that week and we were told a short time later that the owner of the shirt was minded to ban TAW because of our criticism.

We’re not afraid to criticise fashion choices – even if many of us have little room to talk – whatever the threats of bans may be, although it may have been the rest of what we said that really upset him. We’re not afraid to criticise the club’s hierarchy at any level for anything that we feel is relevant – although in my view we shouldn’t be saying anything we’d not say to the face of that person. As long as it’s constructive or gently taking the piss why should we be afraid of saying what we think? Sometimes we might hold back from saying something because we feel it would do more harm than good to the club but that would be our own, individual, personal choice to do so.  And chances are we’d still be trying to do something about in some other way if we thought we could.

What we won’t do is hold back from saying something just because we’re afraid of losing access to the club in some way. The day we do lose access after saying something the club didn’t like you can guess what the podcast topic will be.  We don’t rely on that access for what we do – after all we didn’t have any official access at all until a couple of months ago.

If we don’t cover something the chances are it’s because we lacked time, information or interest or because we think it’s better to wait or let it pass without comment. It might be we think others have already done it far better than we can.  We’ll nail lies whenever we can. It’s extremely annoying that this weekend we find ourselves having to take time to nail lies about us.

We won’t be bullied or bribed into not covering something but we won’t be bullied or bribed into covering it either.




  1. Thanks for clearing things up a bit Jim.

  2. Does one not think you were waiting 5 weeks to hear anything because of the independent report?????

    Just a thought like

  3. Nice one Jim. I for one trust you guys impicitly.

  4. It’s interesting to note that (1) “Duncan Jenkins” lives in Manchester, and (2) all the reports on the mainstream newspaper websites on this story are followed by derisory comments from (red) Manchester readers. Is it possible that this whole ‘controversy’ has been created by some ‘fans’ of another club to discredit LFC?

    • And also that at one point Jenkins has Chan say ‘you know what football fans are like, especially Liverpool fans’. Who can believe that anyone working for LFC would say such a thing? Especially with the Hillsborough revelations of the past months.

    • that other forum site sounds very dodgy to me too.

    • Unfortunately, this seems to be in the nature of the ‘blogosphere’. It is ripe for any agent provocateur from a rival club to pose as an LFC fan to cause mischief.

  5. and what is the name of the forum spreading this BS?

  6. Good post Jim, but can’t help thinking how ludicrous it is that you felt the need to write such a detailed post about what, in the grand scheme of things, is a completely trivial matter!

  7. You forgot to mention that once upon a time you were a member of the very same fansite you smugly criticise in your article

  8. You’ve feed yourself a fair bit of rope with this inaccurate article, Jim.

  9. I’m writing this from Australia, and it’s fair to say that I’ve missed a whole lot of the shenanigans that you have been referring too here.

    I for one when I saw your headline, thought you may have been referring to the lies that the new IPCC inquest would be looking into.

    Isn’t it a pity that just a few short weeks after what was a momentous day in the fight for justice, something as trivial as who said what to whom, is taking up more than its fair share of the headlines.

    Jim, I don’t know much about the current situation about an imaginary twitterer, however what I would like to say is you and all the others that make up the anfield wrap are as far as I can tell proper stand up blokes, all of whom do nothing more than care deeply for Liverpool FC.

    Can we please all stop worrying about this nonsense now and go back to fighting for justice.

  10. You know the website I’m talking about Jim, it’s the one you’ve done a hatchet job on, are you denying you were a member?

    • Ha Ha he was a member of this forum that he is slagging off, puts your credibility of this story to shame I am afraid.

      So your doing a demolition job on a forum that binned you off bitter much??

      For the record I don’t have any affiliation with said website scouser tommy sounds like a boss place though.

      quick look on twitter and this person you mention is @scouserevo and he has just called you out on being a said member of this website??

      So this story is just a bitter twisted red getting your own back, thought we reds were above this kind of thing.

      I expect this comment to not get in the comments section

    • Scouser Tommy? I was invited to join by the person who runs it. He asked me not to spread the word about it because they didn’t want all and sundry on there.

      I had a look round, maybe even posted something, but forums aren’t really my thing any more and that one didn’t offer anything to me that would change my opinion on that. I tried it again a few weeks later and I was locked out because I’d left it too long between logging in. I got that fixed, but it happened again and I didn’t bother getting it fixed this time.

      I’ve got nothing against the forum. Like any forum if you’re prepared to spend a lot of time getting to know who’s who and what’s what on it you would probably enjoy using it.

      Nothing I’ve said above about that forum is any different any other forum, other than the method of getting access to it. People from forums like to defend their fellow people from their forum.

  11. I think reading between the lines the entity behind Jenkins has played this very very well in terms of drawing attention to his site.

    Short story – this reamins one word against another and all TAW subscribers with half a brain in their heads don’t buy the conspiracy rubbish anyway.

  12. But have we signed Falcao yet?

  13. This “Jenkins” bloke only seems to be in it for the attention. He’s got his fake name bandied about Twitter as if he’s important – which he clearly isn’t.

    Jim is a reputable, upstanding guy, with seemingly nothing to hide. It’s a shame he’s had to dignify these BS accusations with a response.

    Jen is also a highly educated guy, in a position that requires responsible actions – his job is to deal with the press attention the club receives. I don’t believe he’s the type to make threats like the ones he’s been accused of making.

    I can believe he met “Jenkins”, I can even believe he investigated whether there was a mole and I can believe that Jen possibly threatened him with a ban from Anfield – which I consider a justified response to his leaking of sensitive information from the club. The rest of it, however, seems like sensationalist, embellished bollocks from a person void of backbone, but desperate for attention.

    I personally would take the word of an experienced, educated journalist and editor, who has held high profile jobs, before I took the word of a supposed “perspiring” journalist, who is afraid to use his own name, who built his reputation on a poor use of grammar and a giant dollop of BS-mongering and some suspiciously accurate predictions.

    The cowardly little twerp has clearly read the Julian Assange playbook…

    • most people have been suckered into Assange’s bullshit too.

    • why would you believe everything but the most serious stuff? That’s kind of selective and subjective.

      Quite why Chang would meet someone like this one to one is kind of a stupid thing to do.

      Doesn’t sound like a very experienced senior management type to me (or maybe snr mgmt are really dumb sometimes). It just opens you up to problems.

      It’s not like he needs to meet some one like that.

      Opening up mainstream press conferences to fan sites is a bit stupid too, Separating them is obvious if you’re going to do it at all and drip feed it, increasing it as it seems wise to do so,

      In other words Chang doesn’t come across as a sharp stick to me. And the recent vilification of Suarez shows that Chang doesn’t seem to have organised the responses from the club either.

      Not impressed with him at all.

  14. Such a schoolboy article. But miss, he said that so I did this. My arse. Grow up the lot of you

    • bang on! this TAW writer’s just taking his chance to sling some mud because someone else did it first. Children, the lot of you. A clear antipathy towards Jenkins in this article, why shout your mouth off if you don’t, as you’ve admitted, know the full story?

  15. If it were nonsense the club would have immediately said as much. Dearie me.

  16. Chang has form for being a bit of a fool on Twitter, prior to joining LFC. Chang admits he met Jenkins, Chang said there was no investigation into the Tweets? Which ones? Because clearly there was enough investigating going on for Chang to want to meet the man being the character. Do we honestly expect Chang got there and asked him to be a jolly good chap and stop the tweets, or is it more likely he wanted to put the shits up him with some heavy threats?

    I can’t see Chang travelling from Liverpool to Manchester to not be serious about it.

    • It bothers me that we seem to have some idiots running LFC. and STILL no proper chief exec.

      Get a grip FSG ffs.

  17. Instead of wasting our time with rants that serve only Jim Boardman and Jen Chang, you could take a page out of @sportingintel’s book, a voice of reason!

  18. DJ claims to have felt threatened, thought his life could be ruined along with his parents, and still he tweeted. So either he’s lying or incredibly stupid.

    Regardless of whether Jen Chang was overtly threatening or not, DJ was an idiot. The bottom line is, he is someone who went through the trouble to create a pardoy account and spread lies on twitter. What a sad bastard you are, I couldnt care less if your mates season ticket was revoked.

    As for Jen Chang, well we need to get to the bottom of exactly how abrasive he was, and take it from there. The longer he’s silent, the more guilty he’s going to look.

  19. I am amazed at the ludicrous nature of this article Jim – defending ones self or ones blog/pod is one thing but it feels a tad self important & not in the best interests of TAW or LFC, any of it. It’s a silly old podcast that generally used to be fun and interesting to listen to, seemingly overtaken with a new arrogance and self importance that is generally what happens when these things become somewhat mainstream, I stopped listening after the weak kneed approach to Ollie Holt at a time when TAW should have hung him literally.
    Getting involved in any sort of defence of alleged pay-masters is not a good thing, I know you suggest you are not defending Jen’s honour, however, you are doing exactly that.

    May I also add after all that, how I enjoy reading most of the writers on TAW including yourself Jim, please get back to doing what was effortless for most of you…writing about our club and being unafraid to put necks on the line _ as the Kop would say “Atttack,Attack,Attack”

    Good luck. Chris

  20. Ok, on a serious note.. If Jenkins is just bothered about spreading his blog, name etc.. And unimportant.. And people questioning whether Jen is the kind of guy to make this threats…

    If Jenkins is THAT unimportant… Why did a club Exec agree to meet some no mark blogger as some would say?

    Hey I’ll jump in and organise a meeting with Jen then if he is handing em out.

    I have no bias.. I like Jenkins as a character and entertainment source, his info at times was great and delivered well, with humour..

    And I like Jim, they both seem like good guys all be it the opinion is formed by 140 characters or less.

    Sincerely hope that no threats were made, but why put yourself in a position to be sued if not true?
    I also hope no pockets are being lined at the expense of fans.

    Take it easy, and lets sign Falcao and be happy.

    • Because, even though “Jenkins” himself is unimportant (if popular), corporate espionage is a serious matter.

      • So you agree it is a serious matter but dismiss out of hand that Chang said anything more than “you ain’t coming back into Anfield” Ok.

  21. Bizzare. Why is anyone taking anything this twat “Jenkins” has to say seriously? Fk him. Move on.

    • It’s impossible to take 98% of this stuff seriously. Everybody has an opinion and Twitter etc allow everyone to express their opinions. You can only be selective as to who you think is worth listening to.

  22. Can’t believe you’re having to waste your time with this Jim. Who cares? It’s a twitter storm in a teacup, and some people are running around like headless chooks pointing the blame at someone or other.

    If Jen Chang threatened this guy and his father’s business it’s out of order, but who are we relying on as the source of this allegation? A fictionalised, attention-seeking, “perspiring journalist” parody account on twitter. Right? Not exactly your most credible source right there. He has no evidence. It’s his word against Jen’s. “Jenkins” doesn’t have the guts to repeat the allegations under his real name, so to me, anyway, the bullshit detector is ringing loud and clear. Chang has not denied the meeting, but has apparently said the rest is fantasy. We have no way to know for sure, but at this point, without further substantiating evidence, to believe the rantings of a parody twitter account whose sole purpose is to attract attention over a highly educated, intelligent, inclusive, seemingly well respected communications director for a Premier League football club is insane.

    Anyone asking for Chang’s head on a stick needs their head read. Anyone pointing a finger at TAW for “leaving ‘Jenkins’ out to dry” needs to be put in a padded cell. TAW is irrelevant to this twitter storm. “Jenkins” has had plenty of time and plenty of opportunities to release these allegations through his own outlets. End of. Get a cup of tea, move on, and think about things which are most certainly real and most certainly more important than this twaddle. The fight for justice for the 96.

  23. Imagine how stupid everyone would look if Jenkins was In character in that blog.. And the meeting with Jen was to ok it.

  24. It’s disappointing that Duncan/Sean is getting more support from non-Liverpool fans than Liverpool fans. I thought we looked after our own.

    The accusation seems to be that it’s so unbelievable, he must have made it all up because he’s an attention seeker.

    …But then Chang admitted the meeting took place but the Jenkins accusers didn’t find it odd that he was meeting with a parody tweeter (to talk about flower arranging?)

    Now it has been confirmed that threats were made (but only around season tickets), and the accusers (who didn’t believe any of it) change their tune again. He’s exaggerating things is the new accusation.

    The season ticket threat alone is disgraceful behaviour from a director to a fan.

    Sean/Duncan isn’t an attention seeker – it was a parody account. A piss-take. Re-read that. A PISS TAKE. To claim he’s a non-Liverpool fan and/or is seeking attention is quite frankly delusional: he was threatened by a director of Liverpool football club and (after waiting to see how some newspapers wanted to play it, and out of respect of the Hillsborough papers being released) decided he wouldn’t stand for it.

    He is doing what we all would do and is protecting his family and standing up for himself against a bully.

    As for Chang. He’s done some great work I’m sure, but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour. I’m surprised people find it hard to believe someone well educated etc. would do something stupid, but that’s incredibly naive. This is big business, he thought he could squash the little man with some threats (very US-like behaviour) and has been called on it.

    A director of the last regime was sacked for abusing a fan on e-mail. I expect nothing less for Chang. He should have nothing to do with our club.

    • “I thought we looked after our own.”

      Most of us do what’s right, regardless of what football team we support. Grow up you plonker.

      • My point you missed is that most non-Liverpool fans aren’t assassinating Duncan’s character and calling him a liar, they’re taking the story at face value – club director acting like a dick.

        However, disappointingly, quite a few Liverpool fans still think it’s made up (despite Chang admitting he made a threat, just not the ‘worse’ ones) or worse think Chang is justified?!


    • If he was that threatened Stephen & Darren why not contact the police if he felt the need to explain in a blog that he felt it was threatening. Care to explain or just go along with only one side of the story.

      Any sane person would have gone to the police in this situation if their background was checked and family threatened. yes or no?

      • Fair question, and he still has that option, but what would the police do? It’s one man’s word vs another

        at the time, and may be still now, some influential journalists were fully aware of what was going on. I’m guessing, but suspect he felt secure because of that.

        Either way, Chang has admitted to threats, just not the most unsavoury ones, so what’s not to believe exactly?

        • I want sure how much I could say, but as ‘Duncan’ says,

          I hadn’t heard from Chang since the unanswered calls the previous Friday. In the meantime I had assembled a fairly potent backing – some heavyweight support – and as such I was feeling much better about it all. I could hardly have hand-picked better people to have on my side, but unfortunately Chang clearly caught wind of this.

    • But.. How do YOU know, that what you’re preaching is the truth, and nothing but the truth? – You don’t, unless you are one of the two people implicated in this. Yet you people slag TAW for defending themselves, and Chang because accusers were pairing them.

      How fitting that you should use the term “our own”, as if you were in the right. Not saying your wrong, just saying it’s impossible for you to know, unless you are actually one of the two who met. Also, defending a guy, who spent 2 months on writing a blog? Sorry, but that shit stinks.

  25. So much bull shit from Jim here. I had respect for TAW but lost a lot of it over this saga. You guys have really bent over to the higher ups on this issue.

  26. As an overseas fan who does not have any affiliation to any ‘political’ groups of fans/websites/forums/blogs, but just reads those which are in a free access to get, compare, analyse information on things that are going at and around the club, and decide for myself what is likely and what is less likely, etc., I find this whole situation and a twitter war between the fans very disturbing.

    The situation being: Reds turn against the reds: we are redder than you are, and you are less red because you are being ‘fed sweets’ by the club that we support.


    This needs to stop. STOP. Whatever the story is, and whatever the opinions are, as it happens, they differ from person to person, this brawl between the supporters is extremely harmful for the club, so please, all involved in it, do realise it, and put the interests of the club you support above your own egos or your little closed forums interests.

    Nobody will win if this continues. Nobody. And first of all, it will be the club that suffers. If you do have disagreements, do sort them in private. The club has a wide international support. They don’t want to see that certain groups of scouse reds are mud slinging at each other all over Twitter, to much joy of the rival fans. It damages the spirit, the whole idea of the club where we are supposed to stick together and Never Walk Alone.

    The situation with “Duncan” is stupid. I’ve read his blog, and the e-mails, and while I used to like that character and found him #superp, I couldn’t help but noticing some holes in his story. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe it at all. But there are holes which make it less trustworthy. Just saying. nd I don’t believe he doesn’t have a ‘mole’. His line-ups and other info was almost always spot on and posted well before it appeared anywhere else. He’s that smart like? That analytical? Or simply has a gift of provision?

    Some things about his story though:
    For example, look at the DM that Chang wrote to him. And then look at Dunc’s reply, where he is getting hot under the collar. Was that DM threatening or something? What else had gone on in between? The way the e-mails put on there – some look authentic. Some don’t. Some Chang’s e-mails look to be in a different format than the others. Dunc’s e-mails all look like he’s just written them and pasted them on there to suit his line. Give us proper print screen mates. Or else one may think you’re a liar and that you have something personal against Chang and want to get him in trouble. Or maybe it’s a forum where you belong that didn’t get a press pass to Anfield, unlike few other fan sites that has a beef with Chang and wants rid of him? We don’t know, but some hypothetical questions randomly spring to mind.

    IF however, the Duncan’s story is true (do we have any way to find out?) Chang’s behaviour is well over the top, and he has to respond for it.

    However, I don’t think see how TAW should be responsible for anything here at all. They do a great job for the wide fan base, and also for the club, and Jim is right to say they don’t have any “Party Line”. They do not deserve being dragged through mud like that because they did not publish some unconfirmed story some 3rd person told them on some forum.

  27. Karen, agree with so much of what you said.

    As for ‘Duncan’s’ reply to the DM, I agree in isolation it looks weird. However as he goes on to say:

    “He told me he’d asked a broadsheet journalist (who will remain unnamed) “some weeks ago” to contact me to tell me to back off and to stop tweeting. Only a week before the meeting did that journalist contact me, and even then he only told me that Chang knew my name. He didn’t say anything about stopping tweeting. Having not got that message, Duncan had naturally continued to tweet, and in fact had been crowing on Twitter that the club were after him but would never find him.

    Chang said this infuriated him – he was under the impression I had received the message from the journalist (why didn’t Chang contact me himself?) and yet Jenkins flagrantly carried on tweeting, lording it on Twitter. He said he felt I was deliberately winding him up.”

    So… that’s the context for Chang’s DM (to Sean, not Duncan i.e. he’d tracked him down) and the response (Sean had only recently been passed a message)

    Hopefully that makes more sense.

  28. Great insight. If its not one thing it’s another with lfc of late. We all have at our core the need to care for our club but pulling in the same direction boils down to life in that we dont always do. it’s a sorry state when jim/TAW have to come out & explain this or that, fact is they have worked hard, put the hours in to give us their opinions on various topics & for what? To say they have black & white pictures & 20k followers,? No they have worked hard & deserve any reward they get, well done lads – keep it up & keep your principles at the core of that. What next Accusations of taking bungs from standard chartered for the silence over Iranian presidential orgies with little mix & one direction? Chin up gents.

  29. Interesting read. Can you give a hint about what podcast that had you guys talking about poor choice of shirt? I think I listening to all you podcasts but something I have obviously missed …

  30. Seems pretty obvious to me.
    Jim isn’t defending Chang. He’s not even calling out Jenkins.

    He’s stating the factual position of the Wrap in all this. And why not? Well in, Jim.

  31. ENOUGH is enough. Stop giving that attention seeking TWAT Jenkins more oxygen of publicity. I will NEVER forgive him for posting his blog on the day the IPPC announced the start of motion for justice & accountability for the 96 victims.

  32. It’s going to be interesting to see how you backtrack when Chang doesn’t follow this so called ‘libelous’ attack with a defamation of character lawsuit isn’t it. I used to listen to TAW because I always found it impartial but now I smell the stench of favoritism towards Chang instead of looking after (and even giving the benefit of the doubt) to one of our own. Why is it so hard to believe a fan of so many years could have been treated like this? Why automatically believe the ‘new’ guy? Because he can give you the access you were denied under the previous regime?

    Over the years i’ve had some shit off Scum and Chav fans for our dismal performances and generally being a Red but i’ve always stood proud and tall knowing the fact that as LFC fans we’re not quick to judge and NEVER turn on our own. We fought for 23 fucking years to get justice for our dead brothers and sisters yet we don’t believe an employee could treat a fan like this! So many ideals of Liverpool FC have been crushed since G&H originally bought us out I don’t even recognize us anymore. It’s fucking shameful that fans of other clubs (even the SCUM) believe Sean and his fellow Reds don’t. This post will probably be deleted as it doesn’t fit in with your agenda but if you’re doing this to curry favour with the club over supporting a brother then you’re a poor excuse for a fan.

    • Did you actually read the article Chrispy? There’s a podcast tomorrow where the issue will be discussed. I’ve spent all day discussing it, on here, on Twitter by email and on the phone, trying to get to the bottom of it. And ask yourself why fans of other clubs are so quick to believe it. If there’s one gripe I have with the way this has been done it’s that it’s given the internet trolls some fresh ammunition.

      • Yeah I did read the article actually and i’m one of those secretive members (who wear the hoods) on that ‘masonic’ forum you’ve been talking about. We have secret handshakes when we meet up and sacrifice a living breathing virgin every second Thursday of the month as well.

        Just let me start by saying Sean is a stand up bloke who’s gone to great lengths to help other Pool fans. He’s banged the Hillsborough drum so loud and for so long it puts most to shame. If he can do anyone a solid he’s always front of the line. The reason he waited 5 weeks or more to release this info was because he wanted it distanced from the Hillsborough panels announcement. Unfortunately and purely by coincidence it just happened that when he did finally release the info on his blog it happened to be the same day the IPCC’s statement came out of which i’m sure you’ll agree he had no control over.

        I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I was born, indoctrinated by my dad and brother and while considered down the pecking order by some as i’m an OOT’er it doesn’t stop me being disgusted by the reaction of some people with regards what has happened to him. I followed the story on our ‘secret’ forum the night Chang was phoning him repeatedly and Sean was going out of his mind with worry. He had the little ones in the house with him as I recall and after the threats towards his family, dog shit being shoved through the letterbox by fans and all the journalists in the country turning against him he was really shaken up wondering what Chang was going to do next. You back a dog into a corner and sooner or later he’s going to come out fighting. Chang’s threats of all the journalists turning against him was worrying enough but thankfully the real ‘professional’ ones with integrity didn’t and they just reported the story with no other agenda whatsoever.

        I used to hold my head up and be proud to be a Liverpool supporter but I can’t do that these days. We don’t need opposition supporters to take the piss out of us when our own fucking employee’s manage it quite nicely. Jen Chang is a bully with an inflated sense of self importance and no one likes a bully! Sean has all the proof he needs and anyone who doesn’t believe him is going to look pretty silly when the whole unadulterated truth comes out afterwards.

        I’ll look forward to TAW tonight, it will be interesting to see how you manage to try and keep both parties happy and it will also be my last time listening. After what i’ve read I just don’t see a whole lot of integrity and impartiality on that end of the microphone anymore. People there have known about this situation since it first started but are pretending to be hearing it for the first time. This tells me you’re crying off dealing with the hard questions and situations for fear of losing contacts within the club (namely Chang). I can appreciate that since he came in you’ve had unparalleled access to the club which you didn’t have before and that’s great for TAW but what’s more important? The truth or inside knowledge?

        I really do hope you wake up and see Chang for the bully and control freak he is. I wish you continued success with TAW. Best wishes.

  33. I heard “Duncan Jenkins” is Clint Dempsey trying to cause trouble for L.F.C……read it on a forum.

    No LFC fan cares at all about this story. Some mug set up a faceless twitter and mugged off someone at the club….. Blah blah, NEXT.

    P.s I personally love the way TAW can discuss in depth club issues in a mainstream manner that is accessible and interesting to the average fan.

    Please keep it up!

  34. The Jenkins thing was always a spoof. Imature at the best. I’m amazed anyone took him seriosly. Same with that BBC journalist that basicly retweeted what ever Jenkins said.

    It was all there to read in reports and connect the dots before these two jokers put their rubber stamp on it.

    Social media, it can get a bit special can’t it.

  35. Who the fuck types ‘yous’ with a straight face?

  36. What’s wrong with people !!?? No wonder the world is up its own arse!! I can’t believe what I have just read . . .? The politics of being a Liverpool supporter ? Not for me I will just carry on hoping we can win a bleeding home game !!?

  37. One more thing, Jim. 70% of fans won’t read this article because they will find it too long/boring to read. They however, have no problem reading 140 character-long stuff. Hope you get my drift.

  38. Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach Jim — you know, the one where you realise you might have picked the wrong horse? You know the score. It’s not too late to do the right thing here. YNWA means something to us, remember?

    • Liam, where did I pick a horse in that above? Maybe Karen’s right.

      • I think you’ve picked Chang over DJ (or the person behind DJ and you clearly know who that is). Andy H knows. You know. When has threatening a fellow Red ever been OK to us? And I mean us — you and me as LFC fans our whole lives? If we’re not on the same side here, then we’re doomed. I’m not having a go Jim, but I think once the facts come out here, you’ll look at this a bit differently. I am hopeful that your podcast will be fair and balanced tomorrow.

        As for Karen’s comment, she’s entitled to her opinion and I respect that.

        Take care.

        • Liam, my comment was reflecting on the fact that twitter is suddenly full of ugly and in my opinion very unfair stuff directed at TAW over the DJ issue, and their ‘exclusive’ access to the club that they are afraid to ose, therefore they stay ‘loyal to Chang’… which you seem to have bought into, too.

          Jim and other guys preferred not to get into that on twitter, but explain it all here in a lengthy article, which majority on twitter may not even read, but they for sure will tweet and retweet stuff that is being said about TAW.

          I don’t see any side-taking in his article. I don’t know where you see that? can you post a quote?
          While TAW are being accused of not defending “our own” – the fan who allegedly was harrassed by the club official, they (TAW) are “our own” too. And my point is that the attacks on them from other groups of fans are unfair, ugly and damaging for all of us, in a bigger picture. I just want that to stop.

        • Again, where have I taken sides above? You’ve said you think I have picked Chang over the DJ person. So you’ve read the above and come to your own conclusion without really explaining why.

          And it’s all about sides isn’t it? Everything has to be black and white, no grey areas. Anyone who doesn’t instantly go with the side you’ve gone with, 100%, must be on the other side.

          It’s that attitude that has made the past few years at this club so shite at times. Just think about the arguments over managers for one example of how often it’s happened. How awful it’s been.

          Yes, I do know who’s behind DJ but it’s not my place to name him is it? From what I’ve heard he might be revealing his name soon anyway and I hope he does because without doing that this mess will remain one.

      • Jim, you clearly defended Jen Chang and took his side. You threw Sean under the bus — a fan — one is us Jim. Today, justice has prevailed.

        A bit of humility would go a long way to restoring any faith many of us had in TAW.

  39. I’m disappointed (across the board) with all of this puerile nonsense.

    The club doesn’t need this sort of shite, this site should maintain an unofficial, critical standpoint (rather than being the mouthpiece of a media smart comms dir.) and Chang should know better than to behave as he has.

    ‘Jenkins’ is a nobody by his own admission, so why have things escalated like this!?

    On the subject of him publishing the blurb on the day he did, well, he said he had no idea the IPCC story would break that day, and that is perfectly plausible.

    • Never said he didn’t have a good reason or excuse for putting it out on Friday.

      And I think we should maintain a standpoint that matches our own opinions, criticism where we think it needs to be made, and that means that we shouldn’t automatically take either the club’s line or the line of one group of fans, we should try as hard as we can to be objective.

      The fact there are so many of us on the podcast means that we often take each other to task and we don’t always agree. Personally I’d love to see this argued out on a podcast with the two people involved arguing it out together. Trouble is, there’s no way we could restrict that so that only LFC fans could hear it and it would just be feeding the trolls from other clubs.

  40. My question is what was Jenkins main aim for his parody account, what did he hope to achieve? Fame? Publicity? Plus who is he, put his name out there, we deserve to know.

    • It was a joke. A parody of Duncan Oldam who would put up Ceefax headlines to get people to part with £20 to get onto Koptalk. By reading headlines and weighing up probabilities.

      Then idiots took him seriously.

      If anything is to learn by this, sometime its best keep opinion to yourself, otherwise you may end jumping on the toe of a man sworn to silence whilst trying to avoid a crowd looking for Brian.

  41. A person in Chang’s position at our club meeting up with a guy that ran a spoof account, that alone is embarassing for us. A bloody twitter account, that is all it takes to be taken seriously enough to have a meeting with a senior member of LFC staff? Ridiculous from Chang and not a good look for us, even if the rest isn’t true.

  42. This comes across as the ramblings of mad man . . .

  43. I dont undertsand this looking after your own bollox. Whats happened has happened. People shouldnt bitch, as it cant be changed and no one knows the true facts.

    If we want to look after our own, we should all be pulling in the right direction by supporting the team when they need it the most.

    By the way that includes the club, its employees and the fans. Move on and grow up. If anything this whole situation paints no in in a good light and ask yourselves what prupose does it serve??

    None what so ever.

    We are best, when we fight together whether it be supporting the team or figthing for justice.

    The finger pointing/bashing needs to stop and we need to concentrate on this.

  44. I thought this was a very good piece Jim, and it perfectly explains why TAW never covered this DJ/JC issue sooner – there was nothing to go on!

    I also find it very dubious, at best, how that certain forum owner seemed to be pressuring you into running the story a month ago. The same person, I assume, who was shouting their mouth off about this on his own Twitter account at the time too. Very strange, and yet they backed this up with no actual evidence.

    TAW’s reputation would have been ruined if you had gone with this story a month ago without any actual evidence (and even now, the evidence of one person’s word against another is weak).

    Why was this person so desperate for TAW to talk about this a month ago, yet they and DJ sent you no information in writing about this? And didn’t post about this until now?

    Also, there’s a lot of people getting on their high horse about how the evil Jen Chang threatened to take a season ticket off a red or said other things about LFC fans or that person’s family.

    Even if he did make those threats (and we don’t know if he did), SO WHAT?!!!

    JC was obviously pursuing DJ because he genuinely thought there was someone leaking information from inside Anfield (and there still might have been, we don’t know), so of course, he’s going to play hardball and try to scare the person into stopping the tweets or divulging information about who the mole was.

    A note to DJ – if you’re going to play with the big boys, then don’t start crying like a little baby when your opponents up the ante and fight back. Did JC actually follow up on any of these threats? I assume not.

    Let’s not forget – if there was anyone leaking genuine information (either team news or transfer news), then they were damaging LFC. I’ve seen a few people comment that DJ’s team news was always 100% correct and the first to post it. For this reason, I think there was an actual mole somewhere behind the scenes at LFC.

    Finally, the timing of DJ’s post yesterday with the IPCC report is an absolute disgrace. Both DJ and his friends should/would have known about this, yet he still posted the blog post anyway. I don’t believe his lame excuse about not knowing about this one bit. Everything he has done to date has been carefully planned and calculated. I don’t believe he posted this without discussing it with any of his friends, and it says a lot about the priorities of all these people if nobody thought to hold back for a few days.

    • As for the timing and IPCC report, looks like DJ was too wrapped up in his own world….

      And for Jen if he reads this. You’re a fucking dick if you didn’t read this right.

  45. Why would any real Liverpool Fan need to hide behind a pseudoname on Twitter???????????????? This sounds like something one does when you go on other teams sites to wind them up.

  46. We have only read one side to this story. JC has either two options; ignore or sue. However, I don’t think the club would want a court battle played out in the media regarding what a parody account has said. It would make us a laughing stock, and haven’t we had enough bad press recently.

    I don’t understand why TAW is coming under so much fire. I think you guys do a great job and you help keep me well informative with issues about LFC. I don’t always agree with some views that some of you have but isn’t that the point of a debate.

    This whole affair has took the gloss off the IPCC statement issued on Friday. That was huge news for the families of the 96, this is what we should be talking about. JFT96.

  47. As Gurdeep said above “DJ claims to have felt threatened, thought his life could be ruined along with his parents, and still he tweeted. So either he’s lying or incredibly stupid.”

    This should one of the focusses here, any sane person who feels threatened would go to the Police yes or no?

    Everyone that has commented here thus far, I think the majority would do that but Jenkins didn’t so there is your narrative for what is happening here. Think outside the box here, if Blackie as you said take a note out of sportintel’s book why did they not mention what I said in the above which makes more sense than anything here. If someone went that much into your background, harassed you, made veiled threats surely you would contact the Police no?

  48. Seems a lot of ugliness in here, there is only one person to blame for this ugliness and that person is the director of communications at LFC. IMO

    The reason I should imagine for the delay in releasing these allegations was the independent findings of the panel. I have personally followed all I could with the latest information on the fight for justice, as I am sure most of us have, along with renewed optimism that Justice will be done, with regards to the panels findings.
    But I wasn’t expecting the Police commission to have that presser, I wasn’t aware or had no prior knowledge of it until I noticed a Liverpool based Journalist tweet it.
    It is not beyond the realms of possibility that DJ also didn’t know, if he had held back these allegations for so long because of the panel then I cant see him knowingly release these allegations on the same day.
    I also notice a few comments here, about the person who runs that website that a small part of this article refers to. I am sure Jim would also say that the person who does run that website has been a massive supporter of all things LFC and all things scouse. ???
    He is a great guy and more importantly is a boss human being, I have had the honour of meeting and conversing with him many times as have many members of The Anfield Wrap.
    I could mention loads of things that he has done to help people in anyway he can. But the pure nature of the man is not to take any plaudits and his raise en detre is to be the best human being he can be.

    Now with that out of the way Its not about picking sides its about what is Morally right, we are all hopefully adults and the one thing we all need to be is Human beings (used that word a lot haven’t I). To look at things objectively and say to ourselves, is it right that one person can abuse the trust that has been placed to him when working for the institution we hold so dear.

    A great man once said ‘At a football club, there’s a holy trinity – the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don’t come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques.’
    The great mans wisdom still echoes true to this day, we are part of this holy trinity and its about time we started living up to it as ONE.

    You`ll never walk alone

    Will be looking forward to listening to the podcast tomorrow should be a good listen.


    My boss views are my own

  49. Until the Mysterious Mr Jenkins is prepared to reveal who he actually is and come out into the open to talk about it all, I really don’t think it should be given any oxygen of publicity.

    TAW, LFC and Chang should just ignore it – why respond to someone who doesn’t ”exist”??

  50. This is most unfair to Jen cause DJ is still in hiding. He has exposed JC while fighting from behind the cloud. He has shown zero proof of JC ACTUALLY abusing him. On top of that , he had the sensibility to come out with this when the IPCC report came out. Unless you are Norman Bettison why would you do that? Why overshadow Hillsborough. Who needs a LFC fan like that?

    If our own fans are costing the club money, i don’t see why he can’t be banned. Why will not LFC ban a person who is costing the business money? The only people enjoying all this at the LFC’s expanse are MANC’s. AndersRed has been RT’ing about our same side all day. If DJ wants to come out off this with any dignity, i would like to know who he is FIRST. Then i want PROOF. Where is the PROOF?

  51. Wow, so this is the future of communications is it? Truly petrifying!

    I’m really sorry you had to respond to this Jim, and I think you had to say something, but make sure this is the last of it as this kind of immaturity definitely doesn’t need any more fuel, and you guys are way above that level.

    When I found this site after stumbling through the some ridiculous websites out there (liverpool-kop in particular was driving me to distraction) it was like a breath of fresh air. I listen to your podcasts when I get home from work and they always put me in a good mood, especially after the bad losses/ridiculous refereeing decisions. So please keep on going and don’t let these clowns get you down, or get sucked into their petty games. Keep your heads held up high and walk on fellas.

    PS Really enjoyed the Rodgers and Lucas interviews! I hope the club doesn’t decide that they are more trouble than they were worth.

  52. Looks like all parties egos have got out of hand. Chang looks out of his depth & the ‘fan sites’ / forums should get back to talking about the news rather than making it. If it was any other club you would laugh.

  53. Norman Bettison.

    Six points from seven games.

    Slightly more important issues, I’d say.

  54. I found this article both fascinating and disturbing in equal measure. I’ve long suspected there is a small core of Liverpool fans causing trouble for the club and this seems to justify that belief.

    Who gives a fuck about Duncan Jenkins. Personally, I’d remove the season tickets from all these trouble makers. It might help to bring some atmosphere back to the ground instead of the constant moaning we hear. I don’t doubt these people think they have the best interests of LFC at heart but they’re just heaping pressure on the club. I feel they have an attitude it’s our way or it’s no way. They’ve got no right regardless of how long they’ve supported LFC or how many games they’ve been to. It’s time they got a life for themselves outside of LFC and stopped getting their knickers in a twist over irrelevant bullshit that’s been posted on forums.

    Reading through these comments it’s clear the said forum has orchestrated a response to this. It’s also appears that you can’t join the forum if you don’t think like them. Closed societies are dangerous and it’s easy to manipulate the views of the followers. They come across as sad individuals who are desperate for some recognition in their lives and have chosen supporting LFC as their vehicle. They also come across as a little bit jealous of TAW for the success they’ve had. This may or may not be the case but that’s how I’ve read into it.

    Jim, Surely it’s time you stopped playing into their hands and just dismissed these cranks for what they are. Fake Twitter accounts? closed forums? It’s a complete joke. Is it any wonder that fans all over the country think Liverpool fans are a joke? Reading about what’s gone on behind the scenes here only reiterates that. I’m embarrassed reading it. It’s cringeworthy. Once again, an embarrassing story about Liverpool FC is all over the papers casting us in a bad light. What kind of fan would instigate that unless they’ve got a wider agenda?

  55. Why should Chang come out and say anything at all, and why are people so willing to lend credence to some cloak and dagger fantasy reported by a fictional character? Some people should get lives, and stop behaving like a bunch of old women. Should we also demand comment from Chang about the reported activities of Sherlock Holmes, or the Easter Bunny?

  56. Duncan Jenkins was the best thing ever to happen to Twitter.

  57. This whole blog back and forth seems so silly.

    Stupidity like this is why I’m not on twitter or registered with any forums; you can be up on the latest news, read compelling articles and have interesting discussions on sites like this, without dealing with perspectiveless internet-vaginas hamming up nonessential idiocy.

  58. Something a lot of you guys seem to be missing is that the poster behind Jenkins is a well respected lad. As someone said above, he’s a stand up bloke – there are lots of people who will attest to that. This isn’t some random bloke who no one knows. I have no doubt in my mind that his version of events is what happened. Whatever you think of “Duncan Jenkins,” this is NOT how the director of communications should be conducting himself.

  59. Please all stop behaving like schoolgirls, leave your internet personality crutches to one side and focus on the issues we have at present.

    41 of the Hillsborough dead might have lived with the right medical care.

    160 odd police statements altered in one of the biggest police scandals of all time and a full apology from the Prime Minister in Parliament.

    Oh, and 24 points from the last 72 on the pitch – that’s relegation form.

    Just a thought.

  60. If he was threatened in such a manner, why doesn’t he just inform the police? It’s contradictory to inform the world that you felt threatened and yet not take any serious action about it other than make a bloody blog post.

  61. In my line of work on occasion people come to me with some information and ask that I pass it on to either A or B. Now when offered this information in more instances than not I don’t pass on that information unless I have concrete proof. It could be genuine but it also could be someone wishing to stir trouble or maybe gain revenge, it could be genuine.

    I don’t have the full facts so I cant take sides it’s an impossible position without all the proof and I cant jeopardise a deal on the basis of ‘hearsay’ as without showing some form of due-diligence I would be the one to end up looking stupid. All this seems to be is a classic case of ‘he said, she said’ who do you believe in that situation? Some might say the threats etc seem far fetched, others not, a club official after all did arrange and attend the meeting, why go to that trouble?

    Anyone who can’t see the impossible position TAW or anyone else would be in that position needs to lower the gun and think a second…Loading it is one thing, asking someone else to pull the trigger, that’s a whole new ball game.

    This accusation may all be true of course but at the moment it might be not, without any proof other than the knowledge an actual meeting took place and one person’s word against another’s.

    Maybe another fansite not allowed same access as other fansites? Perhaps jealously and revenge? Or a club official is actually a former Mafia enforcer with a penchant for smelly parcels?…. You couldn’t make this shit up……It will all come out in the wash I’m sure, at least the smell should.

    In meantime to all like-minded reds, focus on supporting our club, the Justice fight and giving the team our full support. There seems to be an element of this power vacuum around the club due to the lack of a proper CEO and all these fansites jockeying for position is shameful as the clubs owners look to bring the supporters onside it’s creating more trouble and friction amongst the different fan groups it seems, there is always someone left outside in the cold and some of this seems like that to me and for the good of the clubs sake I hope I’m not wrong.

  62. Jim,
    Just get the splinters off your arse and get off the fence.Are you invited to the “Inner Sanctum” now?

    A man walks into a room.A lot of people are shot.He’s the only man with a gun!

    Why does Chang go and meet this Duncan Jenkins?What happens next doesn’t matter.The fact that he goes to meet this man is enough;moles or no moles.He’s the Director of Communications for Christ’ sake!

    As if we haven’t got enough to worry about we’ve now got a Director of Communications who doesn’t understand communications.

    Jim,I’ve enjoyed and agreed with a lot you’ve written over the past few years.It’s been refreshing to hear thoughts not controlled by some party line.But now I’m beginning to wonder.Are you getting too close?Is your head turned by the prospect of having Jen Chang’s mobile number in your phone book?

    Get back to where you once belonged Jim!

    The fact that this went public in the National media is Chang’s fault.Nobody else’s!

    • Hang this jenkins by his walnuts. The nutter came out with his proof less allegation on the same day as the IPCC report. I dont care how long you support LFC, you must be an absolute jerk if you think you are bigger than the ’96. I would personally shovel dog shit in his mailbox and support his BAN from Anfield. Go watch in a pub. Why Dick Jenkins has to go gung ho, because he wants fame. He doesn’t care about the anyone else or anything. The club has every right to ban this guy. What’s wrong with LFC investigating leaks at the club? Ban him ! Expose him ! Ostracize him! Other clubs have banned dongs b4. Who cares about DJ, Its not even his season tickets.

  63. WTF.. why are fans and the club getting so worked up over a comic twitter account.. who cares why he did it, who gives a fuck what his really name is, it was a funny joke account, guess some people have had a sense of humour bypass.. well in Duncan, i enjoyed your work.. you knew your onions!

    • “why are fans and the club getting so worked up over a comic twitter account..”

      I can’t believe people are still pushing the “parody” account line. Presumably the club weren’t concerned about whether he was going on holiday with his mum. It more likely the 100% spot on transfer information, team line ups and managerial appointments.

  64. This wouldnt have happened if i was in charge oh no!

    Fine i’ll leave the coup for now!

    But when im in charge im sending boardman to everton that’ll teach him!

    *plays scooby doo villain music*

  65. Is it because english is my second language that I find Jims version/explanation/whatever very balanced and fair, and get the impression that some of the loons that comments hasn’t read further than the headline?
    I have listened to TAW for the better part of a year now and I never got the impression they were in anyones pocket or cared about what Ian Ayre or for that matter Jen Chang thought of them. Good honest LFC fans, I think.

    If I could ask for one thing though, Jim, it’s for you guys to alter your setup a bit while recording. Maybe put some compression on it or whatever? Cause there’s such a different in volume between, say, yourself and mister Heaton! Guess that somewhat depends on where in the semicircle you sit, but still.


  66. Jenkins should have taken his complaint direct to the owners and not dragged the club into it through his Blog. As it is it’s just another tedious stick for the media and other club’s fans to beat LFC with. As to who is actually to blame here, taking my cue from our gloriously impartial FA – on the balance of probability, I find both Chang and Jenkins guilty of behaviour likely to bring the good name of LFC into disrepute.

  67. Who the hell is dj? What the hell is twitter?? And why is this crap deemed important enough to waste so much time and energy over. Back to the footy!

  68. Why is this all important? It’s got nothing at all to do with Hillsborough.Stop playing this card as a cheap shot!Hillsborough is a totally different matter and only people who don’t understand keep banging on and on about things that are said on the same day as a Hillsborough announcement.

    These things are poles apart and there’s nothing wrong with anything happening on the same day as a new revelation about Hillsborough!

    Unless you understand that stop talking about it!

    The main point here is that LFC now has a Director of Communications who doesn’t understand communications.It doesn’t matter if it’s Duncan Jenkins or anybody else.

    The Director of Communications has declared war on people like us;making comments about what’s going on in The Club.

    He could now be checking my I.P.address and finding out where I live as I type this.

    And THAT is the most disturbing thing about this!

    P.S.Jen Chang can’t see the elephant in the rum.Team for next week?Reina;Johnson,Skirtel,Agger,…..and a few others.Big deal on the way……..we’ll recall Any Carroll and Jake Sparing…..Shabby Aloneso coming back ……Liverpool to recruit new P.R. Guru Max Clifford or Simon Cowell or I’ll eat as knickers chocolate bar.Dumber Barr to sign next week!

    Bring it on Jen!!!!!!!!

  69. Ian Cotton would never have behaved like this. I long for the days of Peter Robinson at the helm, a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

  70. If you read the earlier posts on Duncan Jenkins’ blog you’ll learn a bit more about this “character”. He’s ficticious!

    The team news he released was gathered from other sites minutes earlier, and to guess a few transfer deals correctly (he didn’t get them all right) isn’t that bigger deal. If I was posting “made-up” info on twitter and so many people were believing it then more fool them.

    Having read through his blog I regret not following him earlier, he seems like a comedy genius… and he writes a decent “poim” as well. Good on yer mates.

  71. Why is everybody afraid to say Sean Cummins ? He hides behind Duncan Jenkins.

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