Reds’ Rose Walk – 96 miles for the 96

by Jim Boardman // 27 October 2012 // 5 Comments

ON last Monday’s podcast we mentioned the Reds’ Rose Walk, a walk of 96 miles from the Leppings Lane end of Hillsborough in Sheffield to the Hillsborough Memorial at Anfield. On the way the participants will be calling at the grounds of sides including Huddersfield, Oldham, Manchester City, Bolton, Wigan and Everton.

A lot of good people are taking part, including some well-known names, but to really make it worth the effort they need your help, if you can manage it, in the form of donations or sponsorship.

We only had time to give it a brief mention on Monday so here, courtesy of  Cherie Brewster, co-organiser of the Reds’ Rose Walk, is a bit more about the reasons and motivations behind their efforts:

What are we doing?

  • 96 mile continuous walk between Hillsborough Leppings Lane end and Hillsborough Memorial at Anfield starting on December 14th at 7.15am
  • In order to make the journey extend to 96 miles we visit the grounds of Huddersfield, Oldham, Man City, Bury, Bolton, Wigan and Everton en route
  • Walk split into 16 stages of approx. 6 miles with a different group of 3/4 walkers on each stage out of a core team of 12
  • A gesture of thanks to be made to Everton Supporters at Goodison for 23 years support by handing over a specially commissioned banner .
  • 96 roses will be laid at the memorial by the walkers when they arrive at about Noon on December 15th prior to the Aston Villa game.

Who are we doing this for?

  • The walk is specifically to raise money for the Hillsborough Family Support Group (HFSG) and the Hillsborough Justice Campaign (HJC)
  • We have approval from Margaret Aspinall of the HFSG and Sheila Coleman of the HJC.
  • It is difficult to estimate but with all the support we have been receiving, we hope to raise in excess of £10,000.

Why are we doing this?

  • Essentially prompted by the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel findings.
  • Everyone so moved by the dignity that the families of the victims have displayed for 23 years, we wanted to take on a challenge which would honour The 96 and would pay tribute to the long, arduous struggle of their families and friends for truth and justice.
  • Special motivation for one of the organisers who was a survivor of the Leppings Land end, with his father , also a lifelong Red. At the grand age of at 81 years, he will be joining the last stage.

Who is walking?

  • Core team of nine ‘ordinary’ Reds from across the country: Mike Wilson (Halifax), co-organiser Cherie Brewster (Stockton-on Tees), Richard Fitzgerald, Stuart Wilson (both Wirral), Beth O’Shaughnessy (Dudley), Bev Ashwell (Leicester), Gary Paterson (Swindon), John Coleman, Laura Woodcock (both Warrington)
  • Ex GB Rugby League star Bobbie Goulding has joined the team with his two sons, both at Warrington Wolves.
  • Guest appearances at points during the walk will come from ex LFC players Dominic Matteo and Neil Mellor (also ex of Sheffield Wednesday). Neil will be at Sheffield to walk the first stage and then again at Everton for the final stage.

Additionally, one of our most ardent of supporters and ex-pat Liverpudlian Red has written his thoughts which gives an insight to the motivation of all those taking part in the Reds’ Rose Walk: (

Needless to say, we sincerely hope our humble efforts can help their families to get justice for them all.

Cherie Brewster
Co-organiser Reds’ Rose Walk

Cherie also asked us to draw attention to the organisers’ £96 for the 96 fundraising intitiative: “We’re sure this would be the best source of donations and would appreciate as much exposure as we can get to encourage supporters to get involved, either by raising £96 or by donating to one of the walkers/support around the ground in their t-shirts on matchdays.”



  1. Many thanks for the mention to everyone at TAW. We’re keen to involve as many supporters as possible. We would have love to have more walking along with us but logistics and planning rules prevents us from doing so.

  2. Please check out our website and if you can raise £96 for the 96, or even a part of that, please get in touch with any of us walkers via the website or Twitter #RedsRoseWalk

  3. Hi im am really keen in joining his walk so is there any possibility i could?? Can someone get back to me please because i think i can raise loads of money for this cause many thanks
    Thomas Shaw
    Y.N.W.A JFT96

  4. Hi im am really keen in joining his walk and i know there are planning rules and things like that so is there a possibility i can just walk the final bit not as an official walker but as a spectator because i know i will get some sponsership which i will donate straight to the cause many thanks
    Thomas Shaw
    Y.N.W.A JFT96

  5. Just read they have reached Bolton. Well done to Bolton for opening the ground for them. Can’t wait to cheer them home at Anfield.

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